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And thus the journey begins…


Brittany Carson new picHi! My name is Brittany Carson and I’m a screenwriter. Wow. It took me a long time to actually start introducing myself as that. The truth is, I didn’t move to LA with the hopes of being a screenwriter, and the truth is, I haven’t made one dollar as a screenwriter, but after writing 4 features, 2 TV series, 2 “almost” jobs of adapting books into screenplays,  and 2 scripts being with major companies at the moment, I think I earned the right to call myself that. To any of you out there reading this: I truthfully am at the beginning of my career. The past 6 years were my “College”, my “prep” per say. This year is my year. The year that Brittany Carson becomes a well known screenwriter. The year I finally get inducted into the WGA. The year that at least one of my screenplays gets sold and goes into production. Career begins now, and I am honored to have you along as I embark on this wild ride called “Hollywood”.

I moved to LA to be an actress, and acting is something I still pursue and thrive in, however, I have to say, writing found me. I was tired of going on auditions and not getting the part because “I wasn’t asian” or “I was too short” or “they went blonder” and “almost” getting the part.  Man, If I could have an “almost resume” I’d be an “A-lister”.  I wanted to have something within my grasp that I could have control over. My mother, out of all people, wrote a screenplay for fun, and suggested I do so as well. I thought “if my mom can do it, I sure as hell can!” I had a story. One I always wanted to tell. I avoided it for so long, out of the fear that god forbid, people wouldn’t see me as an actress anymore. However, the second I sat down at my computer and starting typing, I realized how natural it felt for me. I was telling stories and making people laugh, which I had already spent an entire lifetime doing.

I taught myself FINAL DRAFT by copying word for word the first 4 pages of  “When Harry Met Sally” and learned how to use the software and then I was off to the races!  I joined a writers group as a way to keep me accountable and to force me to write at least 10 pages a week. And gosh darnit, people were really responding to my stuff! People were laughing out loud!  Hearing table reads of my work, lit a fire inside me. I got excited. This was my “Rocky”. I was going to get this movie made and star in it and then off goes my acting career! The plan was to only write one script.

Until I met my managers after a serendipitous encounter in Palm Beach, Florida (of all places).  We got in a conversation and I told him I had written a screenplay called, “Diary of JAP”. He said to me, “well if the script is as good as the title, I wanna read this”. He read it that night and I woke up the next morning with an email saying, “I couldn’t put it down, absolutely loved it, let’s talk.”  I ended having this “business meeting” over a wheatgrass shot at this holistic center where we had met. That week he asked me to manage my career and I flew back to LA and met his business partner, who, I had no idea, was “Hollywood royalty”. They decided to rep me for acting, music, and Literary. All of this wouldn’t have happened if I hadn’t decided to sit down and just write. I had no idea where this would lead…

Then after signing me, the question came, “what else are you writing?”. Huh? My intention was never to write anything else. My intention was to be a one hit wonder. However, I got thrown into the deep end, and realized, “oh damn, I have literary representation now, I better write something else”. Coincidentally, my second script, might actually be my first to sell.

Since 2009 when I signed with these managers, I have gone through 24 drafts (yes, 24) of my first screenplay, and about 7 drafts of my second, the 4 other scripts are still in the middle of multiple re-writes and I just began something new.  I’ve had a lot of disappointment. Table reads and drafts that I thought were “the one”. A lot of tears shed and endless venting sessions to my husband and career coach. My mom has read every single draft I have ever written of any script and is my “in house editor”. All of this stress and hope without pay and without any end result except a dream. My entire future riding on these pieces of art that I have invested countless hours into, knowing that in one second all it takes is one “Yes” and my life is changed forever. In the meantime, “No” has become like my medicine.  I couldn’t have pulled through without the faith of my loved ones behind me. And my hubby constantly telling me how brilliant I am, helps too.

Now, after 6 years of writing aimlessly without any guarantee, I am finally in the position where something will hit. It has to. I have no back up plan. This is it.

My first script was called “Diary of a JAP”, then I got the note it was “too jewish”, and I’m not jewish, so I changed it to “My High School Diary”, then I got the note “it was too prude sounding”, so this “infamous first script” is now called “DON’T F MY BOYFRIEND”, and it’s here to stay. It was just at a major studio, and now we are taking it to other studios, and my 2nd script called “Allie Mitchell Must Win” is over at another major production company.

So now… I wait. I wait for answers. Did they like it? Did they not?

In one month, I will have another blog, and my goal is to have some news for all of you. I want anyone who reads this to be with me play by play so you all can experience the journey of a screenwriter. I am learning it is just as difficult as any other career in this crazy entertainment industry. However, I have to say, It’s been amazing getting to give birth to these creative babies. It’s also changed the way others view me. All of a sudden, people view me with more respect. Directors I meet to act in their projects, want me to read the script and give “them” notes! Producers are approaching me now to create projects with them, and are allowing me the freedom to act in these projects as well.

I truly have to thank my career coach, Barbara Deutsch, for helping me see that the lesson learned in all of this thus far is: don’t deny your undeniable gifts. Fun fact is, those gifts will most likely lead to you to the overall dream you wanted in the first place.

At least that’s what I envision. Stay tuned to see my career climb and catapult. Oh, that was alliteration! I love when that happens. Oh wow, really Brittany? You end this blog with a corny English joke?  I really am a writer dammit.



“My goal is to be the female John Hughes of my generation. Creating films that speak to my generation, that push the envelope, and make you laugh, and speak TRUTH. I’m 26 years old, and just at the brink of taking off flight. I’ve developed and written 4 feature length films and 2 TV series over the past 4 years, and now we are finally going out to market with my projects. I am about to step aboard the “Hollywood script shopping/ bidding war” train. Follow me on my journey of being a young, naive, ruthless, fearless, new female screenwriter in Hollywood, on the verge of getting my “creative babies” in a theater near you. At this moment, nobody knows who I am. I plan to change that very soon.”