Coffee Chats: Helping You Get Down to Business


sagevent2I recently launched a consultation service called, “Coffee Chats.”  Having lived in Los Angeles for 14 years now, working in various areas of the entertainment industry, it’s only natural that I get a lot of questions from friends, friends of friends, friends of friends of friends, and total strangers. Questions range from how do I get started in voice over, to how I build my social media followers, to where can I get promotional materials printed for my band, and everything in between.

For a while, I would spend countless hours responding to each email, sending contact info, suggesting resources, and often times getting frustrated when the same person would reach out to me for help again months later, and I’d find out that they didn’t follow up on all the great advice I gave them the first time they asked.

In the past 2 years, I’ve become Bi-Coastal and have been blessed to be hired by Kathy Wickline Casting to teach workshops a few times a year to Philadelphia based actors who are preparing or thinking about making the move to Los Angeles.  The workshops are 2-hours long, and have a class max of 15 students. Each time I teach this class, I leave feeling inspired and renewed in my own career path, and so I thought, well why not open the net wider and offer this service to all entertainment professionals.

So voila, Coffee Chats were born.  I’m not a life-coach, I’m simply someone with experience, wisdom, and the ability to listen and connect you with the people and groups you need to help further you on your career path.  We sit down for one-hour over coffee (or tea), and by the end of the hour I guarantee you’ll leave feeling inspired and motivated for your next step or steps! Each session is uniquely geared towards each individual’s needs and I encourage you to come prepared with questions so that we get the most out of your session.

PhiladelphiaActorsAfterLeah'sWorkshopMy first client was a long-time writer in Los Angeles, who was now switching gears to focus on his acting, and in his first hour session with me he left with pages of notes about casting sites, networking groups, acting coaches, and headshot photographers for him to follow up on. My second client, an actress from Philadelphia, wanted help with her log-line, her key branding words, and some information on hosting agents and managers. She left our phone-call with such enthusiasm and energy; it was truly exciting for us both.

In this on-going column for Ms. in the Biz, I’ll be picking a different topic to cover each week.  A Coffee Sip so to speak, and if you find yourself wanting to know more about that particular subject, I encourage you to schedule a Coffee Chat session with me.

In the next Coffee Chat, I’ll focus on how to book Promotional Marketing and Tradeshow work, one of my favorite “Thrival Jobs” (a term coined by MitB Founder, Helenna), for entertainment professionals.

Mention that you found out about me from Ms. in the Biz, and you’ll receive 10% off your first Coffee Chat.    

Live Love. Love Life.



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