TOTALLY FLOORED: 5 Great Rugs for that Malibu and Summer Vibe


Screen Shot 2013-05-30 at 8.58.13 PMRugs can be an easy and dramatic way to change any space into a room infused with that yummy malibu and summer vibe…  from your living room, bedrooms or bathroom, to your outdoor living spaces.

Rugs anchor your room and add a much needed touch of color, warmth and texture to your home.

Be sure to keep it simple and add your own personality. Wood and tile floors are great, but don’t be afraid to put a throw rug over existing carpeting.  I’ve written down some of my favorite rugs to help you turn your home into the ultimate malibu and summer vibe.

1) Natural Fiber Rugs

A Natural Fiber Rug lends a more calming and casual feel to a room. Sisal and Jute with their beautiful beige colors are the perfect backdrop to add your favorite blues and whites in your home. White and beige always offer a timeless combination.

2)  Woven Wool Throw Rugs

Like the Woven Wool Rugs illustrated in the picture above, beautiful throw rugs woven with a casual pattern or stripe offer a casual chic that never goes out of style at the beach. Navy, blue, sea glass, silver grey and beiges always work well.


Persian Rugs in colors of beiges and blues come in elegant designs that add warmth and subtle whimsy to your room. These patterns work well when paired with muted color or white slip covered furnishings.


Carpet tiles are one of my favorite ways to enhance and change a room. They come in an amazing selection of patterns and colors that you can mix and match. You can use your imagination to create borders, runners, and sections in a room. My favorite source is


Bamboo Carpets are the perfect rug for your outdoor living area. No matter what part of the world you call home, when the weather gets warm, add one of these carpets to your outdoor living space and you will feel like your living room is the great outdoors.

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