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Ms. In The Biz Does ThreadCrawl!


We are very pleased to announce that we are a media sponsor for ThreadCrawl!

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“What is ThreadCrawl?” you say… well, straight from the ThreadCrawl team:

“At ThreadCrawl HQ, we love shopping, meeting new people and getting great deals on new clothes. Who doesn’t! That’s what ThreadCrawl is all about. Our team of fashion lovers has worked to organize hundreds of clothing stores, all over Los Angeles, to provide you with exclusive discounts, for 7 wonderful days. ThreadCrawlers get access to these discounts, as well as special events that will take place through the week.

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How Does it Work?

ThreadCrawl is a ticketed event. Once you’ve got your ticket, you have full access to exclusive discounts at hundreds of clothing stores all over Los Angeles, as well as our special events. Tickets are available on this site. BUY TICKETS” 

Over the next few weeks “Ms. In The Biz” will be rolling out some awesome promotions, so stay tuned and get in on the action!

xoxoxoxo the ladies of “Ms. In The Biz”


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