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Audition Wardrobe Explained from the Style Experts


Ashley WallaceWhen it comes to what to wear for an audition we asked the style experts over at Couture goes Corporate.

First and foremost, follow directions. You may have been to more auditions and think you know best and demonstrate this attitude by not follow directions.  This move will automatically decrease your chances, not because of your talent, but because of your attitude.

1) Represent your headshot.  Your headshots are what they first liked and noticed about you, and what they will have to remember you by.  Match your headshot, end of story.  If you want a new look, then you need a new headshot.

2) Clothing should be plain; you never want the casting directors to like your outfit more than they like you. You want to look your best, but play it safe! Solid colors are best, and avoid busy prints.  We want YOU to stand out… not your clothes!

Colors are one of the biggest downfalls, especially right now, when Neon necklaces are all the rage.

3) Wear natural colors (Black, tan, white and gray) with a splash of color. The splash of color should make you look your best, not the color you like the best (This color should also be highlighted in your headshot).

As hard as this is for us to say: No labels
You aren’t here to advertise for a talented designer but to advertise your own talents.  Leave the labels on the runway.

Do your hair as you normally would. Not too done up, but please don’t look like you rolled out of bed.  Keep the hairspray to a minimum: We want your hair to be bouncy and light (think realistic), not like a plaster mold.

Your audition is a business and you want to present them the whole matching package, so be the best version of yourself.

Remember you are being evaluated at all times

The audition starts the moment you enter the building, whether you are ready or not.  The moment you step out of your car, you are potentially in an audition.  You never know where the direct or assistants are, and they could be watching you.

*Don’t try to change your outfit and/or hair at the audition site.  It’s tacky, shows unprofessionalism, and overall counts against you and your performance, both as a human being and as an actor.

Ashley Wallace

About Ashley Wallace

Ashley Wallace is the creative force behind Couture goes Corporate. She completed her undergrad at the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising in San Francisco before moving on to Business School, the place where Couture goes Corporate was fostered. Ashley describes business school as the "best decision she has ever made" and that's saying something, because here at CGC, we would say her best decision was her vision to take Couture goes Corporate mainstream. Couture goes Corporate is the brain child of many late night wardrobe debates. This digital magazine was designed to aid in the ever so simple, yet vague dress code "Business Casual". Business Casual is defined differently by every company and Couture goes Corporate is here to help you tread these dangerous waters. Couture goes Corporate not only provides wardrobe solutions to help avoid a serious wardrobe malfunction but was also designed to blend fashion with corporate work attire.