If you don’t believe in yourself, who will?


Lindsay CooleySelf Esteem is the most invaluable trait my parents gave me as a child. This is the one gift that you can and will take with you wherever you go for the rest of your life. Regardless of your type, whether as an actor you’re “character, model or girl next door,” bringing self esteem into a room of casting directors will not only make you light up the room, but help you book that job.

I’m sure you know actors who look at an audition ticket and even BEFORE auditioning say,  “I won’t book this! They’re looking for a different type.” Well guess what? They’re probably right! It’s amazing what a few words can do to someone, especially the words you speak to yourself. You are your own worst enemy.  On the other hand, there are actors who say “I’ve got this in the bag.” Time and time again- both actors prove to be correct.

The majority of people in general, actors or not, have this idea that life should be a struggle. If you ask anyone around you how their audition was, I bet over fifty percent will complain about something or the other. If you ask them why they think something went wrong they might say, “It wasn’t meant to be” …“They paired me with someone who was awful” …“It’s a numbers game”… The list goes on and on…

Why is it that most people don’t believe that life is meant to be abundant and things should flow in THEIR favor? You may be asking yourself, “Why me? Why do I deserve to be the exception?”  If you’re asking yourself that – I LOUDLY say back to you, “Why not you!?”  You ARE worthy enough of anything and everything positive in life and do deserve to have it all.

The religious and spiritual books that almost everyone grew up reading and practicing ALL tell us that the purpose of life is to become enlightened and to fulfill ourselves with greatness. Whether you believe in God or not doesn’t really matter. Believing that life is meant to be abundant and just being a good person will get you on the right track to abundance in every aspect of your life, which includes auditioning and nailing that part! You must go into the audition room knowing with every single ounce of your body that the part is yours. You cannot go into anything you want in life with self doubt.

Take a deep breath and TRUST that life is happening for YOU. It’s not selfish to think that way, it’s honest – and the other people that are involved should believe it is happening in their favor as well, because it is.

Go into your audition knowing it is already yours. If you don’t end up getting the part this time, it is okay – don’t beat yourself up. By thinking positively when going into every audition you are closer and closer to aligning yourself with the best part for you, every single positive step of the way. Everything always happens as it is meant to. If you didn’t get a specific role it most likely means a better one is around the corner with overlapping shoot dates! You could think negatively, but why do that to yourself? The Universe/God meets us at the level of our desire. If you’re not asking/ praying/dreaming big, how do you ever expect to get there? Ignore your thoughts of self-doubt as they can’t exist unless you’re personally allowing them to. Dream big today & everyday!!! What have you got to lose….but self-doubt?