Beauty Tips: The Easiest Skin Tip of All


As an esthetician I’m often asked, what is one simple thing I can do for better looking skin? While a lot of answers would depend on a person’s skin type and what they want to achieve, there is one easy trick that works for almost everyone. It’s as simple as this – don’t dry your face.

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“Both Brianne’s skin tips and Photoshop can help make your skin look this good.”

Regardless of skin type, most people have varying degrees of dehydrated skin due to reasons like not drinking enough water, drinking alcohol, smoking, environmental factors, products, or sometimes just rude genetics that don’t let skin hold water as well. Dehydration can make skin look lifeless and dull, and chronically dehydrated skin will lead to premature aging. (Gasp!)

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 Dehydrated skin is serious, yo.

Of course, my holistic esthetician side wants to say that the best thing you can do is hydrate yourself, eat well, reduce or stop drinking, quit smoking, and use natural products (ahem, shameless plug coming … But the question was, “what’s one simple thing”, so let’s go back to not drying your face.

Cleansing and prolonged exposure to water (such as when showering) removes part of your skin’s waterproof lipid layer. This allows water in, but it also allows water to escape. As water evaporates from the surface of your skin, it takes water from inside the skin with it, water that may already be in short supply. It is far easier and more beneficial to lock in moisture, than try to add it back after it’s dry.

The problem is that when most of us get out of the shower or finish washing our face, the first thing we do of course is reach for the towel and dry. Then a lot of us will brush our teeth, or comb our hair, maybe analyze the pore situation, pluck a stray hair or two, then put on some moisturizer, all the while losing vital moisture.

Instead, after cleansing skin or getting out of the shower, only lightly pat your skin dry (I dry my face last after getting out of the shower). Apply toner if that’s in your routine, but do not wipe off fully. Your face should remain slightly damp. Now immediately apply your moisturizer to lock in all that dewy goodness. I know, some people think it feels weird to apply product to damp skin, but your face will thank you, I promise. Most people will soon notice a little extra glow and everyone will delay some fine lines and wrinkles from forming. And an ounce of prevention… as they say.

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“My skin feels so hydrated, I wanna vogue it out.”