ThreadCrawl: Just Around the Corner!


LeahCevoliI’ve never been known as a Fashionista by any means, but I do have my own particular hippie-rocker style, and I LOVE me some shoes, accessories, and jewelry.  Unfortunately, on a (sometimes) working actor’s budget, it’s not often that I go shopping just for the sake of shopping. I shop, when I absolutely, positively, need something new for an event, or when the shoes can no longer be repaired, or the purse is falling apart.

However, next week is “ThreadCrawl” and “Ms. In  The Biz” is a media sponsor!  As one of the official correspondents I’ll be checking out as many of the hundreds of merchants offering huge discounts on everything from formal wear to beach wear, as I can, and of course the exclusive parties, where there are sure to be even more goodies.

Get your tickets now, and start planning your schedule as this is a week-long event, involving merchants from Eagle Rock to Malibu and everything in between.

And the coolest part?  $2 from every ticket purchase goes straight to City of Hope

See ya there!

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