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My Favorite Actor Apps


Jen Levin.jpgI’m seriously addicted to my iPhone. It’s basically my baby. It’s never more than a few feet away from me (even while I sleep but that’s because my phone is one of my alarm clocks).

But while I love playing Candy Crush and Words with Friends (I’m thejenlevin on WWF if you want to challenge me), I try to make sure that my phone isn’t just a toy but a productive addition to my life. I’ve already shared how to maximize using the calendar and contacts apps. Now I want to share with you three of my favorite acting related apps.

Disclosure: While I am talking about apps that sometimes are available as both an Android and Apple app, I’m only familiar using it as an Apple app. Android apps may look different or have different features.

Rehearsal 2 (Apple only)

If you can only download one actor related app, this one has to be the one! While it isn’t the cheapest app out there (it’s $19.99), this has seriously changed the way that I rehearse my lines. In this app, you can add the script or sides that you receive from production or your agent and you can highlight, make notes, or record your lines on your iPhone or iPad!

photo 1

I love being able to record the other character’s lines and then play it back so it’s like I’m rehearsing with another person! I usually use this app on my iPad while I’m at home rehearsing, but I also have it on my phone to use when I arrive early at my auditions. Every actor that I know who uses this app loves is and recommends it to others.

IMDb (Apple, Android, Windows, Kindle Fire)

IMDb (or the Internet Movie Database) is a staple in my life. While there is a mobile site that you can use in your smartphone’s web browser, I think that the app is a little easier to use and nicer to look at.

photo 2

I use it for research on people I’ve just met, or sometimes just when I’m blanking on a name of someone in a movie or TV show that I just saw. The only negative to the app is you don’t have access to IMDbPro while on it (or at least I didn’t see how to access it). I love IMDbPro because I can look up contact information for various industry people and I like having that at my fingertips.

Hulu Plus (Apple, Android, Windows, Kindle Fire)

First of all, the link for Hulu Plus leads you to a free 2 week trial, so if you don’t have this app yet, feel free to check it out for free!

photo 3

I love this app for last minute auditions. While I try to be prepared at all times with the notes that I take on all TV shows, sometimes I need to watch a show immediately to be prepared for a last minute or same day audition. Hulu Plus has most of the major network shows available to watch at any time. There are some channels that don’t allow their shows to be on there, but since a majority of shows are on there, it is a worthwhile investment for Hulu Plus. It costs $7.99 a month, but that gives you access on all Hulu Plus ready devices (I use it on my iPhone, iPad, computer, and AppleTV).

While there are many other apps that I find invaluable as an actor, I probably use these three more than any of the others. Are there any actor related apps that you love? I’d love to hear about it (and maybe discover some new apps that I need to download!).


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