How To Promote Successfully Using Twitter – Cheat-Sheet Series : Part 1


Natasha Younge - smallerWant to know five things you can do to ensure promotion success on Twitter?  Whether you have a personal account, or an account related to an entertainment project, using this “Twitter Cheat-Sheet Series” will make sure you have an audience ready to hear and, most importantly, share your message.

#1. Build your account organically.

You ever heard the phrase, money can’t buy me love?  Well, that genius phrase applies to your social media as well. Whenever the term “organic” is being used in relation to social media, it just refers to the way that new people and businesses have connected with your social media account.  An organic Twitter follower has not received any benefit (monetary or otherwise) for doing so.  These people and organizations are connecting with you because they chose to.

Tried and true, this advice has not failed in the past four years for that I have been on Twitter:  Follow at least 20-25 Twitter accounts every week.  Some may follow you back.  When they do follow back, thank them with a tweet that individually “mentions” their Twitter handle.  Rinse, repeat.  Soon a momentum will kick in and your account will be “alive.”

Don’t think you have time to thank people?  Sadly, when it’s time for your promotion to go live, these same accounts probably won’t have time to look.  But more truthfully, they might not even care – because they have forgotten all about you.  Thanking, on the other hand, is very powerful. The ten seconds you spend now could turn into a real relationship that could save you tons of promotion time later.  Using this method at the start of my personal Twitter account, I was gaining upwards of 50 new followers per week.

Next, how do you choose what accounts to follow?  A great place to start is the Twitter suggestions that appear on the left side of your profile page (“Who to follow”).  Next, try doing a hashtag search of all the topics that relate to your area of business, and what you eventually wish to promote.  For example, if you have a crowdfunding project about “paperclips” (random example), you want to connect with more Twitter users talking about this.  Search the hashtag #paperclips on Twitter, and follow Twitter accounts from that conversation stream.

This last piece of advice is going to save you a big headache when it’s time to promote.   If your account still has the capacity to follow more accounts, my biggest suggestion is just to keep doing it.  If you aren’t growing your account, you are stagnant.  Stagnant means no new people are getting to know about you.  That just won’t do when you are getting ready for a promotion, long-term or otherwise.

Parting reminder:  GO ORGANIC, STAY ORGANIC.  One genuine follower is way more powerful than 10,000 followers who don’t remember they followed you.  Although there are strategic ways to build your account quickly by “buying” follows, be warned:  fast follows can just as easily turn into fast unfollows – when you least expect it.

NEXT TIME.  How do you get people to follow you, especially when you have an account that is about a concept – like a film for example?  I’ll be sharing more about that next time.

SHARE YOUR EXPERIENCE.  What other ways have you used to grow your Twitter account organically?

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