Weighing In: Self-Love vs Self-Care


Leah Cevoli tumblrI’ve blogged a lot about my journey to self-love, and lately I’ve been speaking a lot about it as well!  In February, I was invited to speak on a panel at the first ever “F Word Event produced by Asha Daya of Girl Talk HQ and Sarah Moshman of Heartfelt Productions. It was a fabulously new experience for me, as typically I lead a panel of women on topics of self-love, body image, and eating disorders, but at this event, I was asked to present a 10 minute speech about body image (a la a ted talk) on my own, and I was up first.  I had a lot of chatter in my brain around the event, what was I going to say? How can I keep it upbeat and inspiring talking about a subject that I still haven’t conquered?  Turns out, I had nothing to fear, and many, many women approached me after or online to thank me and share their own stories.  A beautiful event and I met a ton of new awesome ladies.


In April, I was invited to be a guest on Go Curvy, Hosted by Sherry Lee Meredith.  I’ve now been a guest two times, but that first show was about, you guessed it Emotional Eating. Another new experience, this time in a talk-show format, with women I hadn’t met yet, and being Ustreamed across the web.  I wasn’t as nervous for this, I guess because there was no speech to memorize and I’m great with off-the cuff, in the moment, interviews. It was exhilarating and the show is fabulous. Sherry Lee is amazing, and the production value is top notch. Be sure to check out the entire episode on Emotional Eating, and enjoy this fun clip, where Sherry brought me into the kitchen to make some healthy snacks.

Looking ahead, the All Shapes and Sizes Welcome Panel has been invited to appear at www.PopStuffExpo.com on May 10th. These panel appearances are always so much fun and inspirational, and I’m really looking forward to spending the weekend in Ventura, CA with some of my favorite ladies. Okay, so what’s my point?  I’m all over the place talking about self-love, and eating disorders, cool, but how is my own self care going?

It’s not going so great to be completely honest. I was in a car accident in March, where I was rear-ended rather hard by a car, and then another car hit into that car, and that car hit into me again. Ouch.  I’m in a lot of pain, back, neck, and various other body parts and today my physical therapist said something that really hit home. As she put me on a machine where I’m supposed to stand up straight and receive some sort of electro-current or something or other, she took a look at the way I was standing. The way I’ve stood my whole life, kinda slouched over, no real ab power going on, and she says, “How can you write the strong, empowered blogs that you write, and stand that way?  Stand like a strong, empowered woman.”  She then went on to tell me that she doesn’t think I’m getting enough sleep, rest or water, and that all the treatments in the world are not going to help my injuries heal, if I’m not taking care of myself.

Here, I thought I was doing alright. I bought a heating pad, and an ice pack, and have been using them regularly. I’ve been seeing chiropractors, physical therapists, and masseuses regularly as well.  BUT.. have I slowed down? Have I truly taken time to rest and let my body heal?  As I look at the past few weeks honestly, I can count on one hand the number of days I truly took it easy and rested, and those were because the pain had gotten too unbearable to do anything but rest.  *Sigh*

Funny, I feel like I just wrote a blog about healing and resting, oh that’s right, I did, just after my concussion last year, that forced me into 5 days of solid rest.  Obviously, the universe is trying to tell me in no uncertain terms, that a big part of self-love is self CARE.  I can run all over town, from speaking events, to tv shows, to conventions, and preach self-love and healing, but if I’m not taking the time out to care for my own body, especially after two back to back major injuries.. well then I’m just talking the talk, and missing the walk.

So, I am declaring a big slow down. Leah will be taking it easy for a little while. Leah will not be forcing herself to go to that not-urgent event, or take that not-necessary meeting.  Leah will be going to bed by midnight and getting a full night’s sleep, and when possible Leah will lay down and give her body a rest.  After all, you only get one body, so be good to it.

How about you? Do you take time out for self-care? How do you do it, tell me!