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Cool Apps and Gadgets for Auditioning On The Go!


Hey friends! This week I want to share a few fun gadgets, old and new, that can help you audition on the go!

Phone Tripod:

Here’s a link to a super simple phone tripod, but there are so many to choose from on Amazon! All for less than $10!


This can really help you out of a bind when that inevitable moment comes; you’ve left the state for your first vacation in years and BOOM, you get your first guest star audition! Luckily, you can set yourself up to tape in your hotel room with this little guy and it’s small enough to pack in your carry-on.

Now, if that little tripod strikes you as too unpackably large for you, maybe you’ll prefer this little gem.


It’s an iphone stand that you can clip to your key chain so you are really ready to go at a moments notice.

Phone remote:

I just got this little baby for my birthday and it’s the best. Photo3

It’s a remote control that works the shutter on your phone! Not only can you take less obvious selfies from across the room, you can also begin video recording while you self-tape. Now, you’re all set to record your taped audition. All you need is a little light and a helpful friend to read the off camera lines!

Rehearsal 2 app for iphone:

We’ve talked about this awesome app before on Ms. In the Biz. It is a fantastic way to memorize your lines when you’re in a pinch. But, what may surprise you is that this is the BEST app that I’ve found to record voice over auditions. Not only can you pull your script into the app, record, and then email it straight from the app as an mp3, it also sweetens your voice and sounds amazing! The app costs $20, but if you do a lot of voice over auditions, I promise this will pay itself back in no time!

An additional note about recording voice overs on your phone:

I’ve found that, if you’re the type to record auditions on your phone, then the iphone is a MUST. I recently abandoned my trusty iphone and switched to galaxy. After one voice over audition, I marched myself right back into the store and switched back. My VO agents said that it sounded terrible. Here’s to hoping that Android steps up their microphone game soon.

Are there any gadgets or apps that you use to help you with auditions? We would love to include them here on Ms. In the Biz.

– Tristen



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