Female Filmmakers Unite to Scare you this Halloween!


-1Time for horror audiences to go trick-or-treating!Fun Size Horror is a horror film collective that has come together to create 31 films to celebrate Halloween! You can find all of the our terrifying shorts distributed across DreadCentral, BloodyDisgustingShockTilYouDrop, Collider and HitFix, the week of Halloween!

Filmmaker Zeke Pinheiro came up with the concept: “It occurred to me that I know all these great filmmakers, who are always wanting to create their own thing and all love horror, but were never given a platform. So I figured, why don’t we pool our skills, equipment and resources, and create a collective with the goal of each of us creating a short film that runs less than five minutes for Halloween.”-3All of the Fun Size Horror short films were independently produced by a wide range of filmmakers including Josh Waller, Glen Murakami, Jackson Stewart, and Dick Grunert with participating actors Victor Webster (Continuum, Mutant X), Lance Reddick (Fringe, The Wire), Rose McIver (Once Upon A Time, Masters of Sex), Tracie Thoms (Cold Case), and Brea Grant (Halloween II, Heroes). Horror is not just for the boys anymore. Several of the filmmakers were women, including Morgan Faust, Mail Elfman, Lisa J. Dooley, Anisa Angelica Qureshi, and yours truly (plug —> mine is titled “Happy Birthday”).
Each of the filmmakers were invited to be a part of a private Facebook group in which they could post their concepts, receive feedback, and create job postings. On more than one occasion, you’d have the director of one short put on some Dead of the Dead makeup and stand in as an extra for another. It was a very collaborative experience.

Starting October 27th through Halloween, a new short will appear everyday on each of the five sites hosting Fun Size Horror. Each short will only be up for 24 hours before being replaced by the next day’s horror film so make sure to catch them while they’re up. 

Fun Size Horror Trailer from Zeke Pinheiro on Vimeo.

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