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Skype’s “Acting Ambassador”!


Lynn ChenHello Ms. In the Biz Readers!  I think this may be my first post here?  Which is so strange, considering I’ve known Helenna forever – she and I spoke at WonderCon together about loving our bodies, she’s done a guest post about her diet for my blog (a podcast interview too) AND I was one of the first people to read the Ms. In the Biz books, before it was even published!

Longtime fan, first time writer.

I’ve been a professional performer for over 30 years, and Skype recently asked me to be their first “Acting Ambassador.”

Honestly, I have no idea what that means.

But they asked me what I’d like to use Skype for, in terms of acting, and I said I wanted to create a community where I didn’t have to pre-plan a place to rehearse, run lines, etc. – where I could just show up and work with someone when I was feeling rusty or couldn’t find someone in person to do me a last-minute favor.

Like an online acting gym?  I’ll spot you, you spot me?

Well, Skype listened, and they set up a group.  And they’ve asked me to fill it.  So here’s where you come in! All you have to do is be on Skype and add Skype_Acting to your contacts.  I’ll try to set up a group as people fill in.  When you feel like acting or need someone to help you run lines, just log on, or follow me on Twitter to see when the group is live.  I hope to see you on there!

From the Skype Blog….

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Lynn Chen is an actor, singer, and blogger (The Actor’s Diet and Thick Dumpling Skin). She has a diverse resume ranging from singing on The Metropolitan Opera Stage, to starring in Sony Pictures Classics' "Saving Face," narrating the international bestseller "Crazy Rich Asians," making viral videos for BuzzFeed, and touring with Dischord Records' punk band E.D. Sedgwick. Lynn is also an avid body image activist, serving as a Spokesperson for the National Eating Disorders Association since 2012. Find out more at