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Productivity Hacks for Managing Your Side Hustle


Sometimes we have to take on a day job to support the dream. I am currently learning this lesson as I juggle both a full-time passion business and a traditional agency job. For some working a flexible job is ideal. Waitressing + acting seem to go hand in hand. You get the flexibility with your time schedule while making some cash to support the hustle.

What if the flexible job is not an option? Being a full-time “entrepreneur” in transition, I was having a hard time pivoting my brand into a business. As luck would have it, life decided to throw me a curveball which positioned me into a full-time agency job. Now I find myself trying to balance the side hustle with the full-time, only I don’t seem to have a grasp on which is the side hustle.

I identify as an entrepreneur so I look at the agency gig as my “side hustle.” This helps reassure me that I am in a situation that will help boost my long-term vision, even though I spend more time on the agency gig then my own brand + business.

This is the reality for anyone who is living the double agent life. In the past few weeks I’m learning to create hacks to give me an edge with productivity. Time management has become a priority for me because now time is limited. With only so many hours in the day, how do I create space where both my passion-based brand + business can co-exist with a more traditional employment?

1) Digital multi-task. 

I’ve become obsessed with apps such as Slack which eliminates the need for inbox clutter and Evernote which lets me sync up notes. If you’re in a city such as NYC where working on public transportation is a real thing then you’ll appreciate doing things like writing the latest script, blog post or marketing plan on your commute. Both Slack and Evernote integrate with other platforms such as Google Drive and Dropbox making them easily extendable to simplify your life.

2) Hire professionals. 

As a hustling entrepreneur, I did everything myself. This was not sustainable and it took stepping away from my brand to see that I had my business set up backwards. Now I am relinquishing control and looking to hire a VA team to support the marketing efforts. I’m also working with a business coach to help give me the insight and expertise that my brand needs.

3) Re-imagine success.

10 years ago my vision of success was different then how I view success now. Reflecting on the quote “it’s the journey, not the destination” gave me a fresh perspective for success. Instead of assuming that success is rooted in some external validation, I correlate success from a more holistic perspective factoring in my mind, body and soul.

4) Set an end date.

This was the hardest thing to do but without an end date, your safety net job can quickly become your new status quo. It’s easy to settle and when you allow yourself to accept less than what your true heart desires, it’s that much harder to come back to your dream. Know that your steady 9-5 is temporary so that you don’t lose the edge that comes with pursuing your passion.

I believe that we can have our cake and eat it too. Being an entrepreneur with a day job is not an all-or-nothing thing. The lesson I’ve learned is that the stories we tell ourselves are often what gets in the way. Having a full-time job does not make you less of an actress, producer, writer or entrepreneur. It just means that your road to success is filled with different adventures, all creating a unique happily ever after ending in your story.


Vicky Ayala

About Vicky Ayala

Vicky is a digital strategist and personal brand coach who works with multi-passionate soloprepreneurs and teaches them how to build a thriving online business. She muses on the entrepreneurial journey and uses storytelling as a vehicle for showing others how to design a lifestyle that’s on purpose and by design. She is also founder of The Brand Asylum, a virtual training academy for solopreneurs who want to leverage and launch their way to success.