How Divination Cards Helped Make Me a More Creative Person


New year only means one thing – resolutions. You know, that unrealistic list that includes off the wall ideas which rarely, if ever, see the light of day. It’s a time when we “act good” as if the act of writing it out would manifest these “resolutions.”

I threw out the concept of resolutions a few years ago. Instead I now focus on intentions. There’s a difference, at least in my eyes. Resolutions feel so “final.” Even the word gives an aura of “I want to fix something.” In reality, I don’t want to fix anything. I just want to be happy and content with my life choices. Intentions resonates better with me because I like to plan and since life is a journey I plan on making this journey awesome and full of adventures.

So there I was, this ambitious Chica with her intentions, writing them down each new moon and embracing this new age whimsical way of bringing my ideas to life. It doesn’t end there. You see, I am also a creative spirit and can’t just do things the simple way of doing them. I need quirky processes and clever systems to go with my new age way of thinking.

Back in 1996 I was a freshman in college (go ahead and do the math). I walked innocently into this store called “The Wild Rose.” It had all the quintessential items you expect to find in a bohemian shop. There were the incense stick collections, the candles corner and nestled in between were these glass shelves with tarot cards. With my curiosity piqued, I bought the deck and that was the start of my love affair with divination.

I would do readings for my friends who were also curious about what this practice was all about. As a resident assistant, I also introduced these sessions to the ladies on my floor. What hormonal young adult doesn’t want to have their future told to them? This became my little thing.

After a few years I stopped and between moving from Miami to Manhattan to East NY to Staten Island to Bed Stuy and then back to Manhattan, I lost my deck. A few years I became intrigued again with the practice but everything was different. When I first came to learn Tarot, the decks I would find were simple and basic. Now there are so many different decks to choose from, including Oracle decks, which are different from the Tarot ones.

Over the past few weeks I’ve become obsessive and have a collection of over 50 decks. Part of why I turned this into a collector’s hobby is because some of the artwork on these decks are amazing. Talk about creative genius!

There are many visual artists who create indie decks, putting their own imprint on the practice. The ones that come to mind include The Light Grey Art Lab’s Cosmos Tarot & Oracle Deck, The Fountain Deck and The Wild Unknown. I also have a soft spot for supporting people who pour their creativity, heart and soul into these creations.

As a creative entrepreneur, I find these decks to be instrumental in my meditation practice. Each card delivers a message by telling a story. Since returning to the divination practice, my creativity has reached an all time high and I’ve become a better storyteller.

I give credit to the cards because while they’re often used to provide a fresh perspective at any given situation, I’ve also come to realize they spark your imagination in a way that I’ve not experienced before. When you pull a card that reads “The Golden Phoenix” and you channel your energy to focus on what that phase represents, inspiration starts to show up in your day-to-day in ways you’d least expect it.

Over the past 20 years I’ve heard every negative comment you can imagine about Tarot cards. My own grandmother one time called me a witch as if it were an insult. I can’t dissuade anyone who already has their own preconceived notion of what they think divination is. What I can do is encourage you to consider how these cards can guide your creativity, imagination and meditation practices.

There’s a deck for every personality. You can pull a card right before an audition, spread a few cards out right before pitching your new project or marvel in the artwork of decks such as the Sacred Rebels oracle right before picking up the pen to write that novel. And if you find a new deck that you’d like to share, I’m always open to adding to my collection!