The Manifesto of a Lady Person


I am not so much a lone wolf as I am a lone squirrel; a little silly, many times underestimated, and constantly searching for…something.

But my search is everyone’s search. And this year I have been given more time on this planet and with that more introspection. Here is what I have discovered:

1) If you have siblings, cherish it. They’ve known you as nobody else has. You shared a life with them and they will still be here after your parents are gone.

2) Learn something new everyday. We live in an age where any single question can be answered w/ the click of a button. Ignorance destroys. Knowledge builds.

3) Trust your instincts. They trump manners, rules, and could potentially save your life (they did for me.) Also wear your seatbelt.

4) Consideration is the greatest gift you can give another being. You are a catalyst for consequences not only to yourself, but to everyone and everything you come in contact with. If you keep this in mind you will hardly regret a thing you do in life.

5) Life is chaos and that’s what makes it so goddamned beautiful!

6) Nature is our responsibility. If this was a housesitting gig we would have been fired long ago i.e see #4.

7) It’s okay to dislike individuals but never okay to dislike entire groups of people.

8) Violence isn’t a solution. Humans are beings of mind and emotion. We can exist without working bodies but not truly without working consciousness. Appeal to this sense in another.

9) Read a damn book every once in awhile.

10) Question everything. Find out who, what, where, when, and why. Answers bring about understanding and understanding gives power. 

11) Make music in your head and hum it often.

12) Everybody dies. It’s completely out of your control. The only thing you can do is accomplish as much as you can in the time you’re given. Try to leave the world a better place than it was before you were on it.

13) Accept others as they are. It’s unfair to force your personal expectations on others without their knowledge. Tell people how you feel and leave it at that.

14) Loyalty. Honesty. Kindness. This pretty much would be my family motto if I were in Game of Thrones.

15) Spend time with animals. They will reveal your true heart and see you as you really are.

16) Tell people you love them OFTEN. It’s a habit I picked up from my mothers. I always say it upon departure and in several instances it’s been the very last thing I’ve ever said to someone (which gives me great comfort.)

17) Be an active listener. Absorb!

18) Be child-like but not childish.

19) Experiences NOT money, bring fulfillment and happiness.

20) Pay your dues. Be a janitor at a Mexican restaurant. Work on your feet until they bleed. Miss some parties and holidays. If you work hard and trust the Universe, shit will happen.

21) Always have a jacket just in case.

22) Don’t base your self-worth on what others think. It’s called SELF-worth not OTHER-worth for a reason.

23) Go to the doctor. Know your body. Preventative health can make a huge difference.

24) Do not live in fear and anxiety. I used to and I’ll never get those 17 years back.

25) Religion is all well and good but at the end of the day, it’s your actions not your beliefs that define your character.

26) Be alone. Don’t speak for an entire day. Meditate.

27) Tell stories. Imagination is what sets us apart. It’s a gift that benefits everyone so fucking use it, okay?

28) Savor all of your senses because you never know when you will lose one.

29) Be the mentor/influence you wish you had as child.

30) Floss.

31) Write. It’s so incredibly cathartic and you’ll better understand yourself and your place in the world.

32) Criticism means people believe you can do better.

33) It’s okay to not always be right.

34) Not everyone will understand your sense of humor. Just wink and move on.

35) Bugs are actually kind of neat. Give them a chance.

36) If it’s not your business and nobody is being harmed, keep your mouth shut.

37) Use sulfate and paraben free shampoo. Whooo does it work wonders for your hair!

38) The ability to ask for help when you really need it is a strength not a weakness. The best decision I’ve ever made was reaching out for help 10 years ago.

39) Don’t hide behind written words. Have enough respect for others to face them in person if you have a problem.

40) Bullying is not okay. I was bullied and bullied others in return. It’s one of my greatest regrets and if I hurt any of you, I’m deeply sorry.


42) Smiles cost you nothing but can be priceless to someone who really needs it.

43) Wear more color!

44) Swearing is the fucking best!

45) Things have never improved without change.

46) Don’t have the audacity to assume another’s experiences aren’t important. Your lack of acknowledgement doesn’t make their feelings any less valid.

47) Life isn’t about marriage and children for some people. Don’t shame them because they follow a different path and vice versa.

48) Memories are always better than photos. They contain smells, sounds…emotion. Put that phone away.

49) Wear sunblock.

50) Believe your daydreams.