To Podcast or Not to Podcast


So you wanna do a podcast? Well it’s a bit more complicated than buying a microphone and getting drunk with your friends. Although trust me that helps. Here’s 6 tips on how to get a strong podcast started.

1. Concept

Making a podcast is more than just being funny. What makes you stand out? In other words, what’s your gimmick, your concept. Solidifying your voice is one of the most important things you can do. It should be step one of your road to podcasting.

2. Name

Just like a band name this is also extremely important. This is the first thing people see when they first hear about you. Your name. Make it epic, make it fit. And make it simple. Short and sweet is always best.

3. Brand

Similar to concept but more in depth. What is your voice? What topics will you be discussing. As annoying as this statement may be what’s your brand, what is staying on brand for your podcast. Is it getting involved in the indie scene, pop culture, politics? Whatever it is, the clearer your voice and branding the easier it is for an audience to decide that you are the podcast for them. This will also help with picking guests. Cross pollinating on podcast in the same vein as yours and having them come on yours will spread the word of your podcast.

4. Hosts

Your team is who you establish all these things with and with that being said too many cooks in the kitchen can be to your detriment. Rotating hosts, having guests hosts, can help with this problem. Just remember if you are going to have guests on your show, which you will want to do, that more people talking over each other can get messy. It’s what we call editing hell.

5. Structure

Having a segmented show helps things flow. I know what you are thinking. Can’t we just talk and see where the conversation takes us. Yes, and no. The best thing to do is have a basic structure, and some rotating segments. It keeps dead air from happening as much, and it also lets people know what to expect or look forward too. Not saying script it, but have a topics sheet, have an intro and outro and a segment that is your signature piece. Trust me this will save you a lot of headaches.

6. Hosting Sites

Blubrry and sites like it will save your life. Yes, this will cost you money, and it’s not super cheap. But having an easy system that can upload your podcast to sites like iTunes and takes the hassle out of having to host a site with enough bandwidth, well let’s just say this is a God sent.

Investing in a podcast can take time and commitment, but the podcast community is a supportive one. So dip your toe in. Use this self-starting platform to get your voice out there.