Let Me Sign Your Yearbook


Since I joined Ms. in the Biz, I have met some of the most amazing women ever. Honored and humbled to be counted amongst them I am grateful for the journey we have all just begun together. Yes it may be the end of some things but truly just the beginning for so much more.

Things I want you all to take with you as we go on this journey together and seemingly apart is that the community you built is still here. We are the women that will change this society and business one project at a time. So keep at it. Reach out when you need help. Help out when you can. Do not silence the fire and passion inside.

Remember this community. Use this community. Build each other up even when its hard, even when that little devil jealousy is on your shoulder. Know there is enough room for us all and then one of us succeeds its a victory for all of us.

Now more then ever create. Build. Support and love each other for all the unique things we can contribute to this world.

I am sad to see the regularity of Ms. in the Biz go but know that its only because so many amazing things came from this and will continue too.

So where can you bug me, collaborate or keep in touch with me? Be sure to be Follow me on

  • twitter : @AnastasiaW
  • instagram: @anastasiawash
  • youtube: Anastationtv
  • facebook.com: /anastasiawashingtonactress

So what I’m saying is. Keep in touch. Be strong. And have a nice summer.


Anastasia Washington

About Anastasia Washington

Anastasia Washington is a show biz gal growing up in the industry and professionally singing and acting since the age of 4. Now as an adult she's taking the reigns of her career. Acting, hosting, singing, modeling, writing and producing her own content. In a male driven world she's one of the boys, except she usually has a bow in her hair. Her credits include The Addams Family Movies, Lamp Chop, albums with Michael Jackson and Harry Connick Jr. She hosts several podcasts and is active in the Improv community. Her motto is today her closet tomorrow the world!