Actor Admin: Tasks You Can Do at Home for Your Career


As I am working with a career coach currently, he is giving me occasional “homework” assignments. I love this for a lot of reasons, a main one being that often times our acting careers can feel so out of our hands. So having small tangible tasks to accomplish just makes things that much easier and puts that micro amount of power back into our hands!

Most recently I was given a lot of small tasks to do online, most of which I had totally forgotten to do over the last year or so OR had just figured wasn’t important. Took a whole lot of computer time btw, shout-out to Vanderpump Rules season 6 for getting me through it. But getting these done has been a huge relief just knowing my “package” is one step closer to ready at the time it’s needed.

So here is a list of what I got done in case you want to check in on your own shit!

  • Deleted old photos on all sites: Actors Access, LA Casting (they don’t make it easy, you have to call them…I know, so very 1995), and my own site. This keeps your shit streamlined so you have lots of looks but of the same person…if that makes sense. Also make sure you have slate shots on your AA photos! So important for submission rankings.
  • Updated resume, special skills, training, etc on all sites above so they matched each other. I realized 1/2 my resumes were missing some of my newest credits, so I would recommend my site over my IMDb to people I met…but you never know how you will be Googled! So have that shit on lock so it’s the same (clean, concise, and up to date) everywhere.
  • Checked in my IMDb as well (resume, “known for”, and agent contact info are all up to you to have them listed). Also make sure you have all your credits, if not request them!
  • Submitting myself! WTF is the point of all these sites (and CAZT, Cast in Hollywood, etc) if we’re not using them! Yes, you may have reps submitting you, but there’s a lot they may not submit for. Mine for example don’t submit for ULB’s (Ultra Low Budget SAG work), which is fine for them, but there are a LOT of good indie projects out there. Especially as summer season gets a little…dry, it’s important to be on top of what IS available.

And then pour yourself a drink and log the FUCK out, cause we all know we didn’t get into this business to stare at a screen all damn day!