Author Brittany Nicole La Hue

Brittany Nicole La Hue

Brittany Nicole is a public relations professional representing entertainment, production, post-production, visual effects and virtual reality companies at Press Kitchen PR in Santa Monica, Calif. A USC graduate, she worked with Dr. Stacy Smith at the USC Annenberg School for Communication in media effects research, studying the effects of gender and sexuality in the film industry. This is where she discovered her passion for advancing the cause of women in entertainment. After graduation, Brittany Nicole worked in PR for the city of West Hollywood, a Downtown LA nonprofit and three major automotive companies before venturing into the scary yet exciting world of entertainment. In her free time, she runs a fashion blog, Diaries of a Domestic Diva, which focuses on accessible fashion, LA bars and restaurants and crafts/recipes. She also enjoys writing, exploring, VR experiences, watching documentaries and supporting other women in their career endeavors.