Author: Robin Phelps

Robin Phelps loves drinking mint juleps at the racetracks in Kentucky, because her momma raised her there. Not at the racetracks, but in London, a town so small that her grandparents ran against each other for Mayor! Despite all that excitement, Robin decided to head for the bright lights of Los Angeles to pursue a career in entertainment. Those first gigs in Hollywood can be a doozy, as she discovered when she got whiplash dancing her heart out in a music video. She later got to dance alongside Justin Timberlake, which totally made up for the neck injury. Robin has worked on TV, feature films, and national commercials, and one of her latest commercials was voted 3rd funniest of 2012 by TruTV. Robin’s latest project “Robin Represents!” shares her honest and quirky thoughts on life. Sit back with a glass of vino and watch Robin rant, rap, and rock her opinions to the world on YouTube. She’s up for any challenge you want her to take, because Robin REPRESENTS! Word.

Oh, I how long to have a house in the hills. Don’t we all? But until I book 10 national spots or a series regular role, I have to make the most of apartment living. One way I do this is to create the most inviting and cozy atmosphere possible on my limited budget. When I have spent the day fighting traffic, auditioning, working my day job, and running a million errands, I want to come home to a warm environment that makes me feel happy and at peace. Lucky for us Angelenos, we have a variety of discount shopping…

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