How to Feel Confident in Event Photos


Ashleigh Nichols

So… today let’s talk about how to take a good picture at an event, when maybe having your picture taken is not your favorite thing. As someone who is a creator in general you will be going to events and chances are you will be photographed, so let’s take a great picture.

Most of the time I am behind the camera, but I do come from a family of Photographers so I have had years to practice posing and not posing. Growing up with everyone taking pictures I have learned a lot about how to pose so that I will like how I look in the photo. Yes, it is a bit superficial but I will admit it, I want to look good in pictures. Plus as professional women we always want to put our best selves out there, and I believe this includes pictures of ourselves.

Please do not take this to mean I love every picture of myself, we all have those pictures we untag ourselves in on Facebook and yes I do love to give myself the Instagram treatment on several pictures before I post them to social media. But…I do have things I keep in mind when I am walking a carpet or attending an event. I have broken them down to basics: Wardrobe, Posing and Confidence.



Lets start with something I love, color. 30 plus years of dressing myself has allowed me to come to terms with the fact that bright colors bring out my eyes and I feel like they make me happy and it shows in my posture and my smile. As much as I want to pull off the all black clothes, they do not show me at my best in pictures.

Know what colors you feel confident in and maybe start there. I know that a bright blue or green are good colors for me, but I also like how I look in yellows and oranges, but I have a harder time in reds. I feel washed out in reds so I tend to stay away from them when I know pictures will be taken.

Layering always makes me feel put together and styled. I also feel less self-conscious when I layer as it gives the eye more places to look, rather then being hit in the middle with a line that comes from just the top and pants or skirt meeting, layering de-emphasizes that and for me…it works. You can start off with a tank top, perhaps you are not feeling confident and powerful enough in this look, throw on a cute blazer or cardigan and maybe that will do that trick.

What about the cut or tailoring of your pieces? Do you feel confident in tapered ankle length pants and a V-Neck. Maybe V-Necks are not your thing and a nice collared shirt makes you feel confident. Go with that. Maybe you like to show off your arms or your legs, do it! Why not?

Put effort and thought into what you are going to wear. Remember, if this is an event, this picture will be around awhile and it could possibly lead you to business connections, possible meetings and maybe even gigs! Wear what you like, wear something you feel happy in, maybe powerful and maybe even sexy. When I feel like I am put together and I am showing off a feature I am proud of, then I know that I am exuding confidence. Half the battle of a good picture is feeling confident when the picture is being taken.



To smile or not to smile? Well for me, I smile. This one is up to you, what do you prefer? What makes you feel better? But personally…I think everyone looks better when they smile. The hard part is smile with teeth or no teeth? Try both, do some with your pearly whites showing and some that show off your amazing lips!

My smile is awkward. That happens. I say, go with it. When you feel awkward do something silly. Why not? You already feel awkward, try to turn it into something fun. It will help you have a better picture.

I pose. I also try to connect with the lens. The camera is an extension of the Photographer, and I try to connect with the Photographer, I smile for them not at them. It is almost like I am saying hello to them, or meeting a new friend.

Feeling comfortable posing comes in time. You can only get better at it the more you do it. Pretty soon it will be nothing you stress over.


Going into a photo with confidence will help. You will get better pictures if you are confident. You will have a ton of opportunities to walk carpets and have still photographers take your picture, so try different things, if you are not happy with how you look at one event, change it up next time.


If you still feel awkward why not pull a friend or co-worker into the picture with you? Maybe being the center of attention is something you are not ready for. Well, grab a friend and maybe this will make it fun for you!

Just let go of any pre-conceived notions that you do not photograph well and have some fun. Pictures come with the territory of being a strong and powerful woman in our industry, so let go and smile!

Do you have any recommendations on how to love your self in pictures? Let me know, I would love to add some tips to my list.