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Variations on a Wedding Theme



Being a Wedding Belle and not married myself, I have a unique perspective on the whole 70 billion—yep that’s right, a 70 billion dollar— wedding industry in North America. I have had so many opportunities to log the things I will and won’t do when the big day does come, and the one thing I thought I would never say is I will for sure have a theme wedding!!

I used to believe that themes at weddings were tacky.

I mean this is a wedding the most romantic and sophisticated day of your life, right? A time when you will come as close as ever to being a Princess (a-la Kate Middleton, not bratty North American teenagers – such a misuse of the word Princess, but anyways that’s for another day). I have come to realize that white linens, roses and Chicken Cordon Bleu don’t create an atmosphere of fun and magic. So many weddings aim for so much sophistication and elegance that most guests are left feeling stifled with low energy. A theme wedding creates romance and livens thing up!

There is a fine line between a theme and Halloween and that is where your Wedding planners can steer you in the right direction. Dressing up like Shrek, Star Wars characters or Disney princesses—let’s be clear, is for Halloween and not the type of themes I am talking about.

A wedding theme works best when it is a big concept idea under which everything else falls.

Example: Day at the Fair!

Encourage your guests to dress the part, have popcorn, cotton candy, and interactive games like the traditional milk bottle knock-down with a baseball or maybe a kissing booth. Another idea would be a Ferris wheel – too fun

All of these elements combined create a romantic event with the feeling you’ve all escaped into a special place in time. It allows your guests to have an experience unlike every other wedding. Trust me, as captivating as you think you are in that white gown eating a three-course meal while the MC rolls through the itinerary—You are not.  It is interesting to you but most likely your guests are bored and you are the hostess of this event, so be a hostess with the mostess—provide entertainment, surprise and a novel experience.

One theme I believe is amazing is a Grease Wedding or the 1950’s. I love the idea of Grease the movie – complete with Pink Ladies jackets. On one of our Wedding Belles episodes, my co-host Sarah Groundwater Law and I tried it out.

See here:


The poodle skirts, milkshakes and burgers evoke an air of fun, encouraging all to let go.  Get everyone to dress in the theme of the era, you may risk a little ‘Halloween’ from your guests, but the party that’ll ensue is worth it.

I have often heard people ask, “Can’t we just do our own personalities as a theme?”

And of course you can, but take it one step further. Let’s say your husband- to-be is an astronaut…(well of course he is) and you’re a teacher or vice versa.  Perhaps something like Apollo 13 – make the whole event 1960’s themed. Have a game show booth set up a-la Are You Smarter than a 5th Grader. A teacher in 1960’s style clothes with chalk boards, testing and entertaining your guests – equals endless fun.  Now, it doesn’t have to cost a fortune, hire a local acting student to play teacher!

Putting the groomsmen all in short sleeved white shirts and black ties is actually very current – so hipster and for the bride ….the options are endless.

Take a risk and I promise, you’ll have an amazing day and night that will go down in history – just like the moon landing.

With a theme you provide your wedding planers, decorators, chefs and yourself a great framework for inspiration, ingenuity, and creativity.

Your wedding experience should be unique as this moment will never exist again, the elements that make up the celebration are a reflection of you –make it memorable.

I’ve interviewed many brides and heard on more than one occasion how they regret not being brave enough to really make their wedding day their own. Don’t be that girl.



About Aubrey Arnason

Host/Actor/Producer/Writer – Aubrey is a NSI Totally TV alum and a Bell Media Fellowship recipient. She started in the film industry as an actress, appearing on Smallville and Supernatural to name a few. She has since gone on to host/produce the Leo award winning TV series The Wedding Belles airing on Shaw Media channels since 2010. In 2013 she produced/hosted Shaw’s AMPIA award winning The Proposal. The co-creator of Kits, a scripted half hour series, she produced the pilot episode for City TV followed by another City TV pilot entitled The Range. The Range was top 3 at the Banff International Pilot competition and is based on her family’s experience of life after the NHL. Aubrey host numerous local live events most recently the Leo awards celebration. When she’s not creating television she’s trying a new recipe, new to the kitchen she’s discovered a new found passion for cooking!