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Ask Mz. Eyebrows!


Alta DeKoven.JPGDear Mz. Eyebrows,

I’m an actress currently working an overnight shoot with a full time job during the day.

My crazy schedule doesn’t allow for much rest….

How on earth do I look less like my zombie waitress I’m playing at night, and more like a well rested ingenue??

My under eyes are baggy, saggy and need major help fast!!   Thank you!  



Free yourself from under eye baggage my friend! Help is here 🙂

In the time it takes for you to brew, doctor-up, and drink your morning coffee. You could be dumping some unwanted baggage…

You, quite the clever one indeed, popped two teaspoons in the freezer last night before stumbling to bed.

Grab them and a clean papertowel. Rip the papertowel in half and wrap a separate piece around each spoon. Start morning beverage procedures.

Take you and your frozen spoons to the couch. Rest your head back, gently massage around your orbital bone (eye sockets) using the soft pads of your middle and ring fingers in a circular motion. This gentle movement opens up lymphatic drainage.

Now rest the underside of teaspoons in the hollows of your poor little eyes for about 5 minutes. This creates a soothing, blood vessel constricting, toxin moving blast of baggage relief!

Follow immediately with Dermalogica UltraCalming Ultrasmoothing Eye Serum. This light weight serum vs. typical creams penetrates faster and at $50 bucks, it has the raddest top of the line ingredents for cheap cheap.


Red and brown algae, golden chamomile banish the puffies. Oat kernel soothes fragile, picky, sensitive eyes and extra Hyaluronic acid (found naturally in our bodies) works hard to keep your hydration engine humming!

Ahhhhh yea!

Word on the street for best concealer to pop on top???? My top pick is AMAZING! Amazing Cosmetics AmazingConcealer To Gothat is!


20 shades. Perfect coverage. Perfect color match. Buy the “to go” size at $28 bucks.

One drop on your ring finger, press ring fingers together to warm product before applying first. Press and tap generously in the no bag zone.

I swear, you are good to freekin GO!

Hit me up with questions YO!

Love and makeup,

Mz. Eyebrows



Alta DeKoven

About Alta DeKoven

Professional Makeup Artist/ Mixed Media Artist - Hi, Alta here! I have been a Makeup Artist in the game for many years now, 18 to be exact. In that time I've experienced tons of obsticales out there in the industry. I'm a San diego born and raised badass. I'm adding that laid back, gangster approach to all I do. Including the pitfalls and successes of running my own business, Alta Makeup Art. To sharing my amusing anecdotes and giving you straight up get up with the get down makeup advice. I haven't got it all completely figured out, and that's the comedy in it all! Obsession always comes with a price and well, I'm like a dog with a tasty bone....LA based, in for the life long haul ~~~signed MZ. EYEBROWZ