Why do you want to be an actor? Set some goals and See Them Through


TishaRivera513d960f52e9c.jpgEvery year I see actor friends posting on various social media outlets that they are going to “quit the business of acting because nothing is happening.”  They give themselves a few years and do not advance their careers to where they had hoped, and then they lament their career choice and seemingly give up on their dream of being a working actor. Part of the problem is never having defined “Why” they want to reach that goal.

In order to pursue a dream, we first have to be clear and honest with ourselves about why we even want that dream. It must be for real and intrinsic reasons to be pursued and followed through to fruition. Why do people pursue acting to begin with? Those with short-lived acting careers usually do it for the wrong reasons—recognition, fame, filling voids in your life, false adulations, or some other similar shallow reasons. Those that do it for the passion of creating and out of the need to accomplish meaningful work usually are the ones whose careers endure longevity. After defining and examining your reasons for wanting to pursue your dreams, there are confirmed methods that have been shown to work successfully in accomplishing goals.

1) Set 1-3 Clear goals per year (i.e. new theatrical agent, co-starring role on TV show, etc.). Include all of the steps you have to take to reach these goals (i.e. classes, workshops, research, etc).

2) Keep a Journal to document progress. Include all of the ups and downs.

3) Have a buddy/partner so you can help one another be accountable for your progress toward your goals.

4) Reevaluate at the end of one year. What went wrong/right? What do you need to Change? Do you still want to continue?

If you view the business of acting as just that—a business, you are bound to make progress. You have to work hard at it and remain focused on the goals. Be accountable to yourself. As long as you make regular progress toward your goals, you will become more and more successful. If it is meant to be for you, and you work hard, then it will be. Carry on!