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How To Shine On The Red Carpet (Tips for Up & Coming Talent to increase your Star Power)


LindaAntwi513d95f1d1523.jpegSo, you’ve done the work; you’ve got an agent and/or a manager, you’ve booked a pretty significant gig and by significant, I mean you have a speaking part!  Now, what do you do? You have to combine the talent side of you with the business side of you.  YOU are a business, now you have to sell yourself…again!

In this city, perception is reality.  If you can create the perception that you are “hotter” than you are, the industry will react accordingly to that perception.  To get hot or stay hot, in the eyes of this industry, the public and the press (your best friends), you need press, press, press.

Think about it, when a major movie opens, what do they have?  Press.  A Red Carpet opening, you see the actors on all of of the TV talk shows, entertainment news shows and even perhaps an increase in tabloid talk.  They are working the rounds and so can you.

In Los Angeles, (and many other major cities) there are a lot of independent movie premieres, gala openings, non-profit galas and so many other events that have red carpet openings.  You have to get invited to those events and start to get your name out there.  But, how do you do it, you ask?

If you have a manager, have a discussion with your manager.  He/she should be getting you into events and should be sending you out to walk red carpets and talk about the projects you are working on.  If you DON’T have a manager, then be your own manager.  Send out your own “press releases” and reach out to publicists, PR firms, independent film makers and get on their mailing lists.  You’ll have to do your homework, but the easiest way to start to promote yourself…is to promote yourself.  Develop relationships with the press and publicists.  Even if you don’t immediately get to walk the carpet, show up and support their events, volunteer for/with them and when the time comes, you’ll be walking the carpet before you know it!

Another great tool, is the use of social media and your network to promote things you are working on.  Do you have Twitter, A Facebook Fan Page, Google+, Instagram and Pinterest?  You should.  You should be interacting and following your network, which includes friends, industry insiders and the like.  Keep up to date with the “going ons” in your city, so you know when events are happening and keep your network abreast of the projects that you are working on.

Once you’ve plugged yourself in, you’ll have so many events on your “red carpet” calendar, you’ll be able to map out what events are in line with your career.  What are you waiting for?  Get started today!  Next month, I’ll be talking about your 60 second pitch, what talent should say and know how to answer when walking the red carpet!

Ms. In The Biz founder Helenna Santos-Levy on the red carpet of the "American Reunion" premiere.

Ms. In The Biz founder Helenna Santos-Levy on the red carpet of the “American Reunion” premiere.


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