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Types of Styling from a New York Stylist


DaniMorales513d95dbb8120.jpgAs I discussed in my first blog post, there are many types of stylists. Most often when I say stylist I think someone imagines someone who dresses celebrities for red carpets, much like you see on TV. But stylists are used for most professional editorials, film, television and even commercials. Not to mention catalogues and e-commerce sites. Some of these job descriptions and may overlap in specialty. But here is a breakdown of the more specific job descriptions stylists maybe specialized in.

Fashion Styling- For the most part this is the dream job. A fashion stylist, more often these days called a Fashion Editor is responsible for creating the high end editorial looks we see in magazines such as Vogue or Marie Claire. This person usually works directly with the fashion houses creating an esthetic and a story for a spread in a magazine. Fashion stylists are also used for runway shows often as well.

Wardrobe Styling- Often confused with fashion styling, wardrobe styling refers to lifestyle photography or film that does not relate to specifically selling or featuring clothing.

Styling Off-Figure- Often times a piece or clothing or an item is shown in a magazine not on a model, either as a “laydown” or on a mannequin or sometimes hanging on a wall. You see this often in e-commerce.

Product Styling-This refers to everything not clothing and without a model. Prop styling could involve a pair of shoes daintily photographed on a page, or an advertisement for face cream.

Food Styling- Totally different from a fashion stylist, a food stylist creates and esthetic for food. Often responsible for cooking the food and making sure it is on the perfect pan or plate.  A food stylist is used for advertising, cookbooks or packaging.

Interior styling- This stylist creates an esthetic for a room. Similar to an interior decorator except for this stylist purely works on a set picking out the furniture, blankets, pillows, carpets and wallpaper in a shoot.

As a stylist you may be asked to, or automatically work, in more than one category. These are more guidelines than rules, but usually one becomes specifically more inclined in one category than another. Right now, as I am assisting, I work with 3 different stylists. One does mainly wardrobe styling for commercials, another high end editorial, and the third mainly layout and still life styling. I feel like this has given me a hands on experience in quite a few different realms of styling and I am learning more about what direction I specifically want to take my career.

For me I love high fashion and specifically fashion styling is what I concentrate on. This has been an exciting month for me as I had my first 4 page spread published in a magazine (yay!) I shot it about a month ago and the photographer sold it to Orientir, a Russian magazine out of L.A. this month. I was so excited to see my work in print. I have been published in print ads before but never gotten to actually HOLD a magazine with my stuff in it. Pretty exciting.


About Dani Morales

Wardrobe Stylist - Dani Morales is a wardrobe stylist who has recently relocated to New York City. Originally from Seattle where she worked at Nordstrom, her styling career began while living in Los Angeles. She has experience styling for bands, dance groups, red-carpet events, editorial shoots, television and film, as well as high fashion and individual personal styling. Now in NYC and studying at FIT Dani is starting all over yet again in a new city. She is off to conquer the competitive world of fashion in its capitol.