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Living the Dream: Amber’s Vlog #5 “Hero Worship”


Living the Dream: Amber’s Vlog #5 “Hero Worship”

Check out Adam from “Best L.A. Headshots” HERE.

Amber will be vlogging every week so make sure to leave comments and questions, and check back here for Amber’s replies!” – Helenna founder of Ms. In The Biz

Amber Plaster

About Amber Plaster

Actor/Producer - Amber Rose Plaster is a sassy redheaded actress that works out of LA. She specializes in editing, social media, and just being awesome. She loves reading, dancing, and learning special weapons - right now she is learning archery on the recurve bow, fencing with foils, and attempting to fully load a .45 magazine without breaking a nail. You can find all of her links and upcoming news at: Rawr!!