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A Few Fun Industry Finds!


Helenna Santos-Levy by Marc RoyceHi Ms. In The Biz family!

I’ve decided to start an ongoing column here at Ms. In The Biz aka) the place I like to call “home.”  This column is going to be all about “fun finds” that I’ve stumbled upon that are entertainment industry related.

So here we go!

#1) The “Inside Acting Podcast.”

I’ve been listening to Trevor and A.J. rock this podcast since it began, and I’ve got to say this is definitely one of my absolute favorite resources for actors. These gents really know their stuff and have great guests on every week.  Seriously, check them out. I would suggest listening to them while you are stuck in traffic.  It’s pretty much my favorite way to pass the time. Plus it’s free, and free is always awesome!

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#2) Emily Grace’s “Build Your Own Buzz” course

I’m a big fan of courses for actors that give you practical advice.  I first became familiar with Emily when when she was a guest on the “Inside Acting Podcast” and actually just met her the other night at the SAG Foundation Life Raft event.  She’s a seriously cool lady and is coming on board to write for Ms. In The Biz!

I haven’t done her course myself, but I know some people who have and they loved it.  It’s all about helping actors “build their own buzz”  when it comes to PR and marketing.  I’m including this here because she has some cool free videos on marketing for actors that are only available for a few days so check ’em out HERE.  (Sorry if you are reading this after June 19th, 2013, but you can still check out her stuff HERE).

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3) Brian Rodda’s “How to Get Your Show’s First Organic 10,000 Views” Creator Up! Course

This course absolutely rocks for anyone who has a web series and has no clue how to “get it out there.”  At $50 for the full course it’s definitely worth it.  In fact, I wish I had this information back in 2008 when I did my first web series.

You probably noticed the ad for this course on the site, and in full disclosure Brian is a very good friend of mine.   I also worked with him at his company Brian Rodda Consulting.  That being said,  Brian and I used all of the tactics that he talks about in this course to help web series like “Husbands” get traction in its first season.  I really believe his course is top notch and I highly suggest checking it out.  It will save you a ton of time and energy looking for information in all of the wrong places. Seriously, it’ll help you bypass a ton of mistakes.

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Helenna Santos

About Helenna Santos

Helenna Santos is the Founder and Editor-In-Chief of Ms. In The Biz. She is also an actor and producer with Mighty Pharaoh Films and can often be found on panels at conventions such as San Diego Comic-Con, and has been interviewed by major press outlets including CNN. Her work as a contributing writer has been featured in MovieMaker Magazine, Backstage Magazine, IndieWire and BUST Magazine. She has produced numerous award winning short films, digital series, and feature films. As an actor, she can be seen in CW's "The Flash," as well as ABC's "A Million Little Things" and "The Good Doctor", and the highly anticipated Netflix limited series "The Baby-Sitters Club". Her latest feature film as producer and actress "The Shasta Triangle" is now available via VOD.