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What’s in a Stylist’s Kit?


DaniMorales513d95dbb8120.jpgBesides having the esthetic eye, a stylist must come more prepared than a boy scout. More often than not what will get you repetitive work is not just your talent but your professionalism. This includes having an up to date kit. I like to think of myself as the swiss army knife of the set. If someone needs it, most likely I have it. Every shoot I do I jot down something new to add to my kit. There is never enough. However here is a list that will get you started.

Slips- I have two nude and two black half-slips in knee and calf length size small. Used to mask sheer garments or add weight when it is windy.

Bras and Thongs- Nude sheer seamless in size 34B and 34C. Calvin Klein is my favorite because they are seamless. Also nude thongs. I go to discount stores such as Nordstrom Rack or Lohman’s and you can usually find them for $3.

Sewing kit- needle, thread of assorted colors, tape measure, thimble, small scissors. Basic sewing skills are a must and basic hand sewing is very easy to pick up.

Scissors- one pair for paper and one for fabric.

Gaffer tape- used to tape up the bottom of shoes so that they are not scuffed, especially important for outdoor shoots or when you need to do a buy and return with shoes.

Iron- all garments need to be pressed before a shoot.

Steamer- I have one hand held and one large. Most studios have them on site but it is always good to have one of your own in case they don’t work.

Safety pins- Used for everything. You will thank me later.

Lint Roller- I have one for my house and one that stays in my kit. I love the bounce ones because they smell good and they come with a cover.

Wig tape- I use this to keep garments in place. They have slightly more adhesive than double stick.

Butterfly clips and A-clamps- used to “take in” clothes on models.

Scarf- To place over models face once makeup is done so that it doesn’t get on garments.

Retagging gun– Used to retag clothes if you have to return them.

Panty liners- For bathing suit or lingerie shoots.

Robe- For model to wear in between shots.

Ballet flats- I buy the “on the go” ones from Walgreens. In size 10.

Rolling Garment Rack- Like the steamer, most studios have one however I use mine for prepping my shoot at home a lot.

…And these are a few of my favorite things! You will begin to feel like Mary Poppins. I keep my kit in a small rollaway I take with every shoot. If you are in Manhattan you can find all these things (and so many more) at Manhattan Wardrobe Supply on 29th between 7th and 8th


About Dani Morales

Wardrobe Stylist - Dani Morales is a wardrobe stylist who has recently relocated to New York City. Originally from Seattle where she worked at Nordstrom, her styling career began while living in Los Angeles. She has experience styling for bands, dance groups, red-carpet events, editorial shoots, television and film, as well as high fashion and individual personal styling. Now in NYC and studying at FIT Dani is starting all over yet again in a new city. She is off to conquer the competitive world of fashion in its capitol.