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Tech Talk: The “Twitter 2000 Plateau”


Natasha Younge - avatarHave you reached the “Twitter 2000 Plateau”?  Here’s how to tell if you’ve joined this very special club: Are you following 2,000 Twitter accounts, but you can no longer follow any new accounts?  Welcome to T2P!  Annoying, but real, it’s a limit Twitter imposes to prevent system strain and limit abuse of the website.

When we start out on Twitter, our goal is to follow as many new accounts as possible and simply start connecting.  Inevitably, you will notice that some follow back, and others do not.  However, once you are following 2,000 accounts, and you do not have enough following you back, you will be placed in what I like to call, the “Twitter Bird Cage.

How does one escape to the upper atmosphere, you ask?  That is where some handy tools can come to your rescue.  One service I like to use is Manage Flitter.  It helps you to analyze your Twitter account, and clean it up.  You can immediately see who is not following you back, and if you choose, you may unfollow them.  This will also free up space that you need to be able to follow again!

Now, just because someone is not following back, it does not necessarily mean you should stop following them.  As a small business owner / entrepreneur ( which most creative people are ), if you deem that the connection will not further your business goals, then by all means, weed them out.

Some more tips on using this service:

  • DO NOT TWEET OUT YOUR SUCCESSFUL UNFOLLOWS, although you may be tempted.  It might leave a bitter after-taste for your current Twitter audience.  Plus,  positive reinforcement works so much better!  Consistently thank the people who are with you instead.
  • DO NOT UNFOLLOW MORE THAN 25 ACCOUNTS PER DAY.  Twitter hates accounts that follow and unfollow in large quantities.  This activity may send up red flags in the system to send you straight to “Twitter Jail.”  Not a fun place when you have a business to run.

I hope these tips were useful if you have reached the “Twitter 2000 Plateau” and found yourself residing in the “Twitter Bird Cage.”

LEAVE A COMMENT.  Have you found other ways to overcome this obstacle?  I would love to hear about them in the comments below.  Remember to share this article if it might help someone else you know.

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Natasha Younge is an actress ( General Hospital ) and comedienne ( The Ice House ) who has appeared in television, commercials, award-winning independent film, and musical theatre premieres from Los Angeles to London. She is currently pursuing an MBA at the Drucker School of Management ('19).