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Ask Mz. Eyebrows! “Eyebrow Essentials”


Hello all you brow experts out there! I hope this installment of Ask Mz. Eyebrows finds you all well!! Mz. Eyebrows has a question for YOU this month……

Are you ready for this awesome brow tutorial that is literally coming up right around the corner??

Well ARE you? Do you have your products? Well DO you? All I hear is “Mz. Eyebrows, HELP!! I need a shopping list!!! How can I leave you in such distress? Never fear my Dears! Here is THEE list of all lists, courtesy of my Pinterest board entitled “Eyebrow Essentials.”


Screen Shot 2013-08-05 at 5.42.49 PM

I hope you enjoyed that! Feel free to repin any of my products listed there and create your own essential must have list!

You might ask yourself, which product is best for me? Well the break down in which brow type uses which what brow product goes a little something like this….

For my “fill them in” girls: Powder, pens, pencils and brow gels will work.

For my “hot halfsies”: Pencils, powder, pens and brows gels.  Combo them up!

And lastly my “bald beauties”: pencils and pens.

Ok.. GO Get Shopping. And when you get to the Ulta, Sephora or Nordstrom of your choice, try everything out. Touch it, feel it, ask for assistance in trying a product on. I always look for help from a face that looks impeccable. When matching color, look at the roots of your hair. That usually is the best place to start. When in doubt go a tad bit lighter than that of your root.

I talked about matching hair colors in last month’s post,  and at the fear of sounding redundant, go back and read that lil section. Send me a picture of your hair color if you are in dire straights!!!!  If your hair is Technicolor, skies the limit, choose whatever color your like and if you need specific product suggestions, please feel free to email me. Mz. Eyebrows has been every color in the book, including Manic Panic Electric Banana 🙂 Sweet Beejeaus. That was hard to match. ANNNND…after you find your color don’t forget to pick up your loose powder, powder puff, brow gel, liquid pen highlighter and angled brush! That way you will be all ready to follow along with me!

Great! Got all that babes? COOL! Let me know if you have any questions and see you next month!

Love and Makeup,

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