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Live LIFE: My Bucket List of Randomness


Helenna Santos-LevySometimes I forget to “live life.”  Seriously.  I get so caught up in the rat race of the entertainment industry and the need to always be “doing something” to help propel my career forward, that I forget that “life” is what happens…every day.  Now I know that might sound ridiculous. I mean life is obviously happening or I wouldn’t be typing this right now.  What I mean is that I sometimes find myself not enjoying the journey or taking time out for all of the things that fill my heart that aren’t industry related and make all of the hard work worthwhile.

I’ve recently added in a regular meditation practice to my days which is helping center me a lot, and I am also making a commitment to get back to making yoga a regular part of my fitness regimen because it always fills me with joy and calms my mind.

Last summer in an attempt to pull myself back into the daily joys of “living,”  I created my Bucket List of Randomness to make “life goals” for things that are outside of the industry, things that would just be hella fun!  Looking at the list again made me want to revise it a bit for where I’m at now in 2013.  So here it is!

Helenna’s Bucket List of Randomness aka) Things to do…eventually.

1. hug a gorilla (but I’m not a fan of zoos so this might be tricky)

2. do a crazy fun photo shoot or film shoot out in the desert and at the Salton Sea

3. “high five” Joss Whedon

4. dance with Ellen

5. say  “Thank You” to Nathan Fillion for the great advice he gave me when I ran into him at the Yaletown Brewing Company in Vancouver back in 2006

6. grow a garden

7. FINALLY go to New York

8. finish at least one book that has been sitting on my bookshelf that I’ve only read 1/4 of…that would be almost all of them…

9. cook an amazing vegan feast from scratch for my hubby (no jarred or prepackaged items)

10. rescue a dog

11. become a skilled archer (NOTE: I’m working on this one every week! Woohoo!)


12. be “styled” by Ilaria Urbainati who gives me a major “stylegasm”

13. sit on a panel at Comic-Con (Woah, I accomplised this one this year! So…now it’s “sit on ANOTHER panel at Comic-Con

14. act along side Anna Faris in a female driven comedy

15. cook with Jamie Oliver

16. get really good at surfing

17. drink wine in Paris

18. tag along with a street artist as they…tag

19. meet the Dalai Llama

20. tell Craig Ferguson that he’s a “cheeky monkey” in person

21. fly in a private jet

22. star in a great horror flick, zombies preferred

23. go to the Hollywood Bowl (yes, I live in LA right now and have never been. *le sigh*)

24. go on a yoga retreat for at least a week

25. sponsor a child in the Philippines

26. play a gigantic game of hide and seek in a forrest

27. take a two month road trip across America

28. start a fire with just two sticks

29. hike the Grand Canyon

30. do voice and motion capture for a video game

31. be a spokesperson for a charitable organization

32. go to Burning Man

33. give blood

34. camp at Joshua Tree


35. volunteer at a soup kitchen

36. go with my mom to Peru

37. ride a camel

38. go to Fiji and stay in an uber swanky hotel

39. drink at an Irish pub in Ireland

40. fly in a helicopter

41. drive a motorcycle

42. get really good at shooting a gun at target practice

43. play a superhero

44. spend time in the Philippines getting closer to my roots

45. volunteer with a non profit

46. go to the Taj Mahal

47. go to New Orleans

48. learn to scuba dive

49. star in a project where everyone is a “minority” but not cliche character

50. play a kick ass sexy character like the girls in “Sucker Punch”

I’d love to see your bucket list! Please leave it in the comments below!

Helenna Santos

About Helenna Santos

Helenna Santos is the Founder and Editor-In-Chief of Ms. In The Biz. She is also an actor and producer with Mighty Pharaoh Films and can often be found on panels at conventions such as San Diego Comic-Con, and has been interviewed by major press outlets including CNN. Her work as a contributing writer has been featured in MovieMaker Magazine, Backstage Magazine, IndieWire and BUST Magazine. She has produced numerous award winning short films, digital series, and feature films. As an actor, she can be seen in CW's "The Flash," as well as ABC's "A Million Little Things" and "The Good Doctor", and the highly anticipated Netflix limited series "The Baby-Sitters Club". Her latest feature film as producer and actress "The Shasta Triangle" is now available via VOD.