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Quick Tips for Looking Fresh When You’re Rushed!


aka) How to make sure no one knows you did your hair in the car right before the audition

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Does this sound familiar: You have one hour to get to an audition (meeting, pitch, etc…) which will probably require sitting for at least 45 minutes in traffic. You are a bit of a mess (because you’re a hard working woman doing everything she can to pursue her chosen career and make ends meet and you’re allowed to look less than perfectly put together) and you need to get yourself looking like a pro in minutes. I’ve learned that there are a few things to keep handy, either in your purse or car, that can help make life a little easier in those times. Read on for my favorites.

Baby wipes – A small pack in your purse can come in pretty handy for a quick freshen up, especially if you’ve been sitting in traffic in a hot car. Hit a restroom for a quick clean up once you arrive. Swipe around neck, across décolleté and under arms. *Poof* You’re baby fresh!

Dryer sheets – The only problem with your perfect audition blouse (yes, THAT one that always makes you look fab) is the static cling action it conjures up. No prob. Do a quick swipe across the fabric, inside and out, to have it behaving in no time. Bonus tip – if your hair has also got some static action going, gently run the sheet from the roots to the tips of your tresses.

Emergency kit – This won’t literally save your life, but can definitely save your day. Put together a small kit that can fit in your purse or glove box. Include such things as a nail file, lipstick, gum, bobby pins, travel size deodorant and hairspray, and a $20 bill (because sometimes the cash only parking lot is the closest and you don’t have time to drive around looking for a spot!). Include anything else you may find handy in a pinch.

It seems that rushing from place to place just can’t be avoided a lot of the time – especially in The Biz. Hopefully the above tips will help ease your frazzles the next time around.

How about you? Do you have any cool tips or tricks?



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