“By The Numbers” Part Two: The Audition


Natasha Younge - smaller“By The Numbers” is an assortment of witty articles about the acting profession I’ve collected that have numbers in their title. This time, I’ve got three thought-provoking pieces around the topic of the audition.  Everyone who has ever auditioned (either side of the table) just had a reaction to that word.  I’m sure of it, because I always do.  Whether your feelings are positive, negative, or neutral, the audition is a hugely important part of our work, if not the most important part.  This assortment considers a range of genres, from Broadway, to television, to commercials, to feature film.  Read on.

#1. “10 Things to Consider When Preparing Audition Material” by Risa Bramon Garcia ( @Risabg )

Preparing material for casting workshops can be a daunting task, or a highly rewarding one.  But, what I take from Risa’s article, is that you should take full ownership of your presentation particularly when there is so much riding on those five minutes.  Her ten tips are filled with do-able steps to break this monumental task into a project you can relish.

 #2.  “The Top 5 Mistakes Actors Make in Auditions” by Danielle Eskinazi ( @DanielleCasting )

These handy tips from Casting Director, Danielle Eskinazi, may be best bookmarked for easy review.  Many of these tips may seem like “no brainers,” but if you haven’t already, make sure you re-read #5.  The requirements for the commercial audition are very specific, and those who book, use these tips as a foundation, consistently.

#3.  “10 Audition Tips For Actors” by Ken Davenport  @kendavenport

These tips come from a Broadway Producer’s perspective, and although you’ll see some cross-over with Danielle’s list, you’ll also notice that there are some important differences.  Personally, I always wondered about #7, and this gives a definitive answer: the early bird does get the role. 

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