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Awards Season, Building Dreams


imageEvery year starting in November Los Angeles enters award season. The city is electric, buzzing with celebration for the work of each other. There is no better supportive environment then this town once the word “nomination” gets spread around. In an industry where generally the word “competition” is heard more often than “great work” it’s  beautiful to hear everyone talking about their favorite films, actors, costumers, ensembles, TV shows for once instead of ‘competing’ or bringing others down.

So what does this mean to us as actors (that are probably not up for awards or in nominated TV shows or films)? It’s a time to embrace and love this town, this season, and the work that goes on. It’s time to study, aspire, and watch. To learn by studying our peers. Chances are if you are not a union member of the Screen Actors Guild you probably know someone who is or someone in the Directors Guild, Producers Guild, Writers Guild, or Editors Guild and all these unions are invited by each film or TV show to come watch their work and see if it deserves an award. The studios provide offers for special private screenings, free tickets to movies, downloads, and DVD screeners. This means, ask around your friends and let them know you are interested in taking part in the glory of screenings as their plus one. Offer to bring popcorn to join them when they watch DVD screeners. Do whatever you must to watch all of these projects and be inspired. Half of our job as performers is to just take in the world around us & react. You never know how one single amazing film or performance can change your life or perspective. Even if you aren’t in Los Angeles; New York & other large cities have similar opportunities.

What are your favorite film, TV show, & actor from the last year? If you could create a new award what would it be? Let me know by commenting below! 

Stephanie Pressman

About Stephanie Pressman

Stephanie Pressman is an actor, producer, host, model and comedian from Atlanta, GA. Born into a family of performers she started acting and modeling professionally as an infant. She has worn many hats (figuratively and literally too) some of her favorite productions include co-founder and editor of Fashionably Nerdy, creator and moderator of the SPARK Your Creativity (female creators) Convention Panel, Co-Executive Producer of Stalking LeVar, founding member of The Show That Shall Not Be Named (Harry Potter Themed Improv Comedy), and most dear to her heart being a mother. You can find Stephanie on social media @StephPressman