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What Did You Do For Your Career Last Year?


387491_10150502201662208_753294203_nIt is important to always reflect on what you have been doing to get to the next step in your career. So as the year is ending and another one starts here is my list.

The best things I did for my career this past year.

1. I tried. I tried to be successful by whatever means possible if it meant living without some necessities I did, but I always put my career before other things.

2. I got great new headshots because headshots are so important. Without a great headshot you have no way to get work. Your headshot is the very first thing any casting director will see from you. It is the only thing that makes them want to see your training, previous work, and eventually an audition.

3. I turned my headshots into business cards and post cards and I sent those out into the world. Because you never know whose hands those might fall into..

4. I took workshops and classes every chance I got. Every free workshop, seminar, or Q&A offered I attended, because if I learned one new thing it was worth it.

5. I networked. I took opportunities to meet other people that are also passionate about what they do. I met people that had no ambition too and you will in this world. But finding like-minded peers is super important and will help inspire you.

6. I tried to help others. Because it makes me feel useful that all the missteps I make and all the things I learn can make other’s journeys easier. I write for MsInTheBiz & StrugglesandSuccess because It gives me a sense of satisfaction on the days when I’m not working and am sitting on the couch to still be introspective about my goals, career, and world in which I work in.

7.I created. I thought hard about what my dream roles to play would be and I sat down wrote and produced projects based on those roles. Because there is nothing more you can do for your career then take it into your own hands.

8. I took every audition seriously. I prepared and executed all auditions to the best of my ability.

9. I asked for help from friends. Because you never know how others can help you achieve your goals until you ask.

10. I set clear cut goals for myself. Even though most were not achieved I took the necessary steps to try to achieve them, which are building blocks to hopefully reach those goals in the year ahead. You have no sense of achievement without having concrete goals set. How will you know if you have been successful if you don’t have a specific goal?

Try to make a similar list for yourself. At the end of every year I make a list of the top 25 things that happened in my life that year (good or bad) I also make a list of 10 goals. But It’s good to ask yourself specifically what you did to move forward with your career and you don’t have to do it only once a year… you can do it once a month or even once a week. Have a productive 2014 & I challenge you to make more lists and goals!

Stephanie Pressman

About Stephanie Pressman

Stephanie Pressman is an actor, producer, host, model and comedian from Atlanta, GA. Born into a family of performers she started acting and modeling professionally as an infant. She has worn many hats (figuratively and literally too) some of her favorite productions include co-founder and editor of Fashionably Nerdy, creator and moderator of the SPARK Your Creativity (female creators) Convention Panel, Co-Executive Producer of Stalking LeVar, founding member of The Show That Shall Not Be Named (Harry Potter Themed Improv Comedy), and most dear to her heart being a mother. You can find Stephanie on social media @StephPressman