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Ms. Beauty Tips: Silk Prevents Wrinkles?! What…???


DanaWaldieAs a Ms. Busy in the bizz we look for ways to enhance our beauty with little to no effort, am I right?

I don’t know about you, but I have 20 million things to get done on a daily basis. Why not prevent wrinkles while sleeping? Silk isn’t only for dresses and your negligees but for your pillow case as well. The myth is correct; sleeping on silk prevents wrinkles, especially crows feet (yuck!).It’s time to ditch those cotton covers and upgrade yourself to the finer things in life. It’s a proven fact. The weight of your head pushing your face against your pillow case causes “sleep lines” or wrinkles. Of course we all wish we had self-control and were perfect sleeping beauties who naturally sleep face up (never gunna happen ladies). When in reality, if you’re anything like me tossing and turning, or ends up face down with drool crusted to the side of my face. It’s probably an indication to invest in some silk threads. Silk pillowcases may help prevent or minimize sleep creases because they are softer and smoother so your skin slides around. AND… silk has naturally accruing amino acids and cooper in it. Doesn’t get much better than that! The term sleeping beauty now has a whole new meaning.

Sweet Dreams…..


About Dana Waldie

Dana Waldie was born and raised in Saginaw, Michigan and in 2004 this mid-western girl ventured to LA-LA Land. At an early age, she realized that beauty was in her blood. Danas’ passion for color led her to pursue her own dream as a make-up artist. Dana began her beauty career in 2004, as an assistant to Sonya Dakar in the world of Aesthetics. Later that year she transitioned to Verabella Skin Therapy as Assistant Creative Director, and currently creating a mineral makeup line with Vera Bella of Beverly Hills. As a Make-Up Artist, Danas’ work speaks for itself. Her amazing abilities to capture a woman’s beauty has landed her work on various print ad campaigns for companies like One Life Clothing, Fredericks of Hollywood, Yukestar Jewelry and a television commercial campaign for Avias Tennis Shoes. Dana has in a very short time become the go to make-up-girl for many noted photographers. Dana has also freelanced for Smashbox & Hourglass cosmetics and currently operates as the VP of beauty for