My Missing Piece – Dating Again


Leah Cevoli tumblrIn case you weren’t aware of it, I’m single.  As in, haven’t had a meaningful relationship, and by meaningful I mean, spent more than a few weeks getting to know each other, and at least one sort-of holiday together since about 2008-ish; if you count the pirate aka) “the very young man”, if you don’t count the pirate, than we have to say 2006-ish.

That’s how single I am.

There’s a number of reasons, both conscious and unconscious but I won’t bore you with those details in this blog. This blog is about the present moment, today, right here and now.  Okay, well maybe the past few months, but that’s still pretty present.

But first, this awesome video from my favorite Shel Silverstein Book, The Missing Piece

On Valentine’s Day, I went to a really intense, heart-opening Kundalini Yoga Class, and another heart shift happened… these have been happing a lot lately, the most notable at the Rhythm and Joy Festival last fall, but this shift on Valentine’s Day was just as powerful.  I don’t know how to explain it, other than it feels like something inside healed a little bit more, or something opened, or maybe something closed.. BUT there’s a definite difference.

I’ve been noticing it all around me.  I’m attracting more sincere compliments out in public, and for once in my life, I’m sincerely accepting them, even going as far as to make eye-contact and genuinely thank the compliment giver. I’ve actually received flowers TWICE in the past month, something that hasn’t happened from a non-family member/friend since about 2002 (I’m serious). 


I’ve also recommitted to the online dating thing, and decided that in order for  it to work, I might have to respond to some of the dozens of emails sitting there. I’m enjoying it.  I’m using the online dating apps for two sites (OKC) and (Sway formerly known as Let’s Date).  I’m responding to more emails than not, and I’m even sending a first message of my own here and there.

I’ve gone on two recent dates. I’ve learned something valuable in terms of how dating and my career intersect.  As a multi-hyphenate in the entertainment industry, I lead a really interesting life, filled with all sorts of adventures; highs and low, and I’ve always known in my heart that I would like to date/marry someone who can be a partner in my adventures, a co-pilot so to speak (sharing the lead seat depending on the task at hand), and this past month has helped me to clarify that even further.

Date #1 had a day job, with some music and filmmaking aspirations, really nice guy, who happened to catch me on a really busy, great news around every corner kinda week.  I was over the moon to have someone (in the industry-and of the male persuasion), to share my good news with, but I was left feeling as if I was talking to a fan.  I love my fans, I’m a fan, BUT, you don’t really want a fan in the bedroom.. well, you know what I mean.  So, pretty soon, it was clear that date #1 was in the friend zone.

Date #2 had a day job, with music and acting aspirations, cute, charming guy, who seemed pretty confident with his talents and life; until he found out a little bit more about me.  As I began to share, in a normal conversational way, the projects I’m working on or have worked on, it soon began to feel like one of those horrible actor networking events, where people are shoving their business cards in your face, without even taking the time to ask your name first.  And so sadly, the chemistry I had been feeling, quickly fizzled.

So where does this leave me?  I’m still going.  I’m responding to more emails, I’m laughing at and posting the most ridiculous messages on my facebook page, and I’m holding out for my hero.

He’ll be someone that gets me, confident, yet with room to grow as a dynamic couple, and the insight, creativity, passion, and drive to see that the most successful couples out there are those that work as a team, as equals.

How bout you?

Any dating insights, tips, or funny stories to share? I wanna hear ‘em!

Leah Cevoli

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Actor / Producer / Writer / Public Speaker - Leah Cevoli has worked in-front of and behind the camera as an actress, host, and producer of film, television, and web, including appearances on high profile tv shows like My Name is Earl, and Deadwood. As a voice actor, she is most notably known for having voiced 30+ characters on Robot Chicken. A professional live event host, Leah has hosted 1000s of rock n roll concerts and charity fundraisers. Leah is a regular panelist at workshops and conventions, and the founder of “All Shapes and Sizes Welcome! Body Image & Women’s Issues in Entertainment.”, a travelling group of women who have been interviewed on FOX News and CNN and speak at conventions nationwide. Leah also offers practical one-on-one sit-downs to discuss your career road-map, point you in the right direction, and get you moving via her Coffee Chat Consultations, and has a reputation for crowdfunding success and social media magic. To date, Cevoli has managed 15 campaigns and has raised over $1,000,000. She is also an experienced yogi, a beginner fire dancer, and a certified Reiki master practitioner.

  • I’d be curious to see what would happen if you made it a point to talk about anything BUT work when you go out next time. 🙂 I kinda hate that “What do you do?” tends to be about work. What if that question meant “What do you do when you’re NOT working?” “What do you do to feel alive?” “What do you do when you’re hanging out with your friends and family?”

    Maybe if you tried to make that the focus of all dates, leaving work off the table, you might start having some more interesting conversations? Just a thought.

    Good luck! 🙂 You deserve someone awesome, AND someone who can appeal to all of you, not just your ambitious work side. 🙂

  • Good points!

    But really, my work is my fun! It is what I’m doing when I’m not working! Meaning if I don’t have a gig or a client, my downtime is on working on one of my own projects!


    So the right guy HAS to meld into that.. I met a guy recently who is a professional athlete… Not entertainment related, but he gets it!! The drive, motivation, hard work , long hours, training, etc… He’s someone I could date.

    It’s really about finding an equal , who yes, shares some likes, dislikes, hobbies, etc