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Updating your Acting Resume


I started 2014 with a brand new website.  It was very “on brand” and I excited for the re-launch. My resume is available for download from my site; however when I looked at my resume it was more 2004 than 2014- a major overhaul was a necessity.

I have to give a huge shout out to Jen Ponton and Beyond Postcards for helping me with the revamp.  Anytime I have fun ideas for marketing tools, she is my go to.  I can come up with the idea but figuring out how to format/create it on the computer is not one of my strengths. Jen can whip up fantastic tools for me seemly overnight!

Here is a the BEFORE photo:


Less is More

The first thing we did was to make some harsh cuts.  Some of my credits were so long ago I could barely remember what the show was about.  I certainly couldn’t recall any fun anecdotes about the show if asked. I also had some University Credits on there from many years ago. All those credits had to go.


I cut credits so there is more white space on my resume now and it looks cleaner.  I also divided my Film/TV Credits into two categories so they both easier to read.  I only used “selected” theater credits.

Personal Connections-

I added in Director names.  You never know, who knows who in this business – you may be surprised who becomes a talking point in a meeting.

Personality –

The Skills section was where I had the most fun!  My old list was simply a list of things I can do.  The new list is smaller but a much better representation of my passions, interests and personality.

Pizzazz –

I also added a quote and a photo which I think gives it much more of modern look.

Check out the AFTER! What a difference!


You can view my swanky new 2014 resume as well as my full website HERE.

I’d love to know what you think?  When is the last time you updated your resume?




About Sarah Louise Lilley

Always up for an adventure- Sarah has crossed the breathtaking Namib Desert on horseback, done a grueling century bike race around Lake Tahoe and run the inspiring NYC Marathon. As an actress she has witnessed crimes twice on Law and Order, had sidesplitting recurring roles on Late Night with Conan O’Brien and enjoyed numerous jam-packed days on the festival circuit with such films as Blue Road, Zooey and The Date. She’s devoured Japan and Europe with avant-garde luminary Richard Foreman and collaborated with the provocative artist Julia Mandle. She has produced two award winning short films. Her latest, Nothing Happened, has screened at over 30 film festivals including; Cinequest, Berkshires, Bend, Woodstock, Edmonton, Outfest and BFI London. When she is not acting or chasing her 3yr old around the playground, she is trying to figure out when she can go horseback riding again.