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Stacey Ann Shevlin small photoHello and welcome back to Ms. In The Biz, and to my little section of the site.

I do hope that you have had a great month so far.

My month has been quite slow on the acting front especially the theatrical side of things. And has been picking up pace on the commercial front. Plenty of auditions and callbacks, thanks to my commercial and print reps. Theatrical remains to be a struggle however….I sound like a broken record. Do you ever feel that way? I feel like I have stopped talking about my career in general because I don’t have anything new to report. This column is the only time I really give it hard thought and consideration. I am still submitting on AA and LAC, but has stopped submitting on things I don’t really feel are going to benefit me. I have been paying more attention to my gut and skipping some submissions I may not want to follow through on, thus less cmail’s with those happy happy words, you have an audition. It is making me feel less engaged in my career, and a bit less productive, but I think at some point you have to start being more pointed in your approach. In the full light of honesty here, I have yet to start casting director workshops, I have been waiting for pilot season to come to an end. I have had a few friends still doing them over the last few months, and they’ve heard similar sentiments “ great, I’ll call you in after pilot season is over, we’re just too swamped to see new people right now”. This brings me to what I have been doing. I have been trying to strike a balance in my life, with my career and the industry and other pursuits and hobbies.

I have always been a hobby photographer, and I love building things, so I took some time to try to mesh those two and crafted a few things to put in an Etsy store.  If you’d like to take a look click through this link:

It was a fun project, and creating the store was a good exercise. Following though to the end of projects is invaluable for your sense of productivity.

I have also been thinking of what else I would like to learn: and sewing has always been on the list. I am happy to say I am going to take my first sewing class this weekend, at that adorable SewLA in Atwater village:

Another passion of mine is music. I started a small music series with a friend last year, which has been on hiatus,  I am looking to bring it back over the summer. It is a small series, which I host on my deck. It takes place on a weekend day and is a super intimate show with up and coming indy artists. If you are interested in learning more you can visit the site here > Click the logo for a full explanation.

I was also in a band back in Philadelphia, which for many different reasons disbanded. We were working on a new album before we all went separate ways to pursue separate paths, and I am happy to say I am working on producing a few songs on the album, reworking them and hope to release them in the Fall. I am working with a great producer and am excited to begin the process!

So the message here is when the industry is slow, try to diversify and feed the other parts of you that you may not have time for when your career is on a roll. I used to be so single minded when it came to things I would pursue outside of acting, I wanted everything I did to somehow feed that beast. To be in some way related to or be able used in the pursuit of that goal, but I have come to realize, life outside your career is just as important. I was always worried time taken away from my career would set me back too far, but I am reconsidering that idea in the spirit of balance.

Stacey Ann Shevlin

About Stacey Ann Shevlin

Stacey Ann Shevlin is a Philadelphia native and currently loves living and working in the much sunnier Los Angeles. She grew up as a competitive figure skater, and all free time not spent on the ice was spent acting and dancing. After studying production and obtaining a business degree in college, she made the logical choice to return to acting. Last year she worked on the feature The Mine in Russia with award-winning director Nurbek Egan. Stacey had the privilege to work on three other films, Paddy Lincoln Gang, Road To Sundance and Awaken, all of which have been selected for several Film Festivals. When she's not in front of the camera, Stacey writes music, travels to places even more exotic than Russia, and drinks craft beer on her back porch while indulging in her latest organic meal creation.