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The 100 (Head Scratching) Steps to Putting On Your “Entrepreneur” Hat


NicoleLarson1)    Spend 2.5 hours on your favorite blogs (like Ms. In the Biz!) taking notes.

2)    Bust out your new moleskin notebook you bought especially for the occasion.

3)    Crap, you left it in the car—hold on.

4)    Ok you’re back: Write down your goals for tomorrow.

5)    Look back and cringe at all the exclamation marks you used in your excitement (but who gives a crap, it’s your list).

6)    Go to bed.

7)    Wake up. Earlier than usual, because today is the day you are getting serious!

8)    Make a healthy breakfast (something with kale for sure) and a strong cup of coffee.

9)    Comb your hair because it makes you feel “cleaned up.”

10) Put on your “working at home”outfit, which is your nicer pair of yoga pants and newest pair of colorful Tom’s (this is where my husband rolls his eyes at me as I show him my most recent pair of pants, “But honey, these are blue. Totally different than the other ones).

11)Boot up your computer.

12)Pour yourself another cup of coffee because holy hell you woke up early.

13) Say to yourself, “Ok, step one, figuring out my brand!”

14) Throw up in your mouth a bit because you just said the word “brand.”

15) Google other similar creatives and artists to see what their brand is.

16) You find one website you really like and you resonate with her (the owner/creator).

17) Right on the home page she asks you to like her Facebook Page.

18) So you do. You click on the link.

19) And it takes you to her Facebook Page.

20) You like it.

21) You say to yourself, “Man this entrepreneur thing is fun.”

22) Oh look, you have nine new notifications!

23) No Mom, I don’t want to play Candy Crush.

24) Two hours later you have to pee (because of all the coffee).

25) You sit back down and tell yourself you are going to get serious this time.

26) You bust out the moleskin notebook again and review your notes.

27) You find this article on how to set up your brand.

28) You realize that you need to pick out a color scheme. (Yes! The fun part).

29) You Google color palettes.

30) It spits up a ton of wedding sites.

31)“Ok fine, I’ll roll with this, I’m open minded.” You click on one of the links.

32) The wedding in question looks beautiful.

33) You start to think of your own wedding. (Past, potential, or possible both if you are on a creative roll).

34) You then find yourself on Pinterest. (Wait, how’d I get here?)

35) Might as well pin something while you’re there.

36) You go pee again.

37) While you’re up you grab something to eat.

38) When you get back to your desk you have a little pep talk with yourself.

39) This time you light a candle. (“Maybe the light flicker will spark creativity.”—> seriously, you know how many candles I’ve been through?).

40) What is that? Lavender?

41) Change the station on Pandora.

42) Google: “How to become an entrepreneur.”

43) Find articles suggesting that you write up a business plan.

44) Think to yourself, “Why in God’s name do I need a business plan?”

45) You give the writers of these articles the benefit of the doubt and Google: “How to write a Business Plan.”

46) F*** This. (Seriously, try Googling it and feel yourself break into hives).

47) You start to panic.

48) You do a few sun salutations to calm down.

49) You sit back down in your chair and take a big deep breath.

50)“I get it. This is new. But I can do this.”(You can)

51) You see that it is now dark outside.

52) At first you are frustrated with yourself, thinking of what little you got accomplished today.

53) So you write yourself this love note: “Dear Self, Please don’t be so hard on yourself. This is all new and we are learning. I deserve to take myself and my art seriously. Just wait till the world can see what I’m made of!”

54) You shut down your computer.

55) And open a bottle of red.

56) Drink a glass.

57) Make that three.

58) Go to bed with purple wine lips but full of happiness and determination.

59) Wake up two hours later than you did the day before.

60) Decide that today you will go to one of the charming cappuccino cafes in the neighborhood (you know the one with the beautiful garden setting) and do some work there.

61) You arrive at said cafe with the notebook.

62) You decide to leave your phone in the car to thwart any and all distractions.

63) You get to the front door of cafe. And abruptly turn around, almost stepping on a cute little Pomeranian.

64) You’re back at your car, grabbing your phone. (“I don’t want anyone to steal it…”you tell yourself).

65) You put it on silent—not even the damn vibrate is on—and say, “Take that you ho of a phone.”

66) You order a double vanilla latte. And a pastry.

67) Out comes the moleskin and you write down these next action steps:

68) Decide on the kind of creative/artist you want to be. (Are you funny? Dramatic? Steam Punk? Angelic? Etc.)

69) Hop onto GoDaddy and buy your domain name.

70) Go to or to find a website theme you like.

71) Start your website.

72) Call Jenny about the photographer she used for her headshots.

73) Get new headshots.

74) Once you find your website, go to or and find some business cards that look similar in style.

75) Set up new email address and say this will be the one you use for business.

76) Look into setting up a separate bank account.

77) Start Facebook page. (Which will be SO much better than the chick’s you liked yesterday.)

78) Sign up for a Twitter Account.

79) Find some inspiring books on Amazon.

80) Pick up more kale at the store so you can make breakfast at home again tomorrow.

81) Redo voicemail message to sound more professional—but not too professional, You’re a pretty fun person and it’s important to reflect that.

82) Look down at your list and smile. From your toes.

83) Walk back to your car with a little spring in your step while humming Bruno Mars’“Billionaire.”

84) Stop at Office Depot on the way home for file folders, business card holder (for your new business cards!), and color pens.

85) Get back to your office and say, “A professional doesn’t live in clutter! I shall organize.”

86) Giggle to yourself for saying, “Shall”in a slight British accent.

87) Create file folder that says, “Business Start Up.”

88) File away all the papers you have lying around.

89) Look at your clean workspace and feel proud.

90) Decide it’s time for a break.

91) You go for a walk.

92) While on the walk you think about the work you got accomplished today and how excited you are to have a list of doable items.

93) Then an idea pops up for a potential project.

94) You rush home to email a good friend who you think would be an excellent partner in the project.

95) You see that you have an email from your mom, asking you how things are going.

96) You smile to yourself and respond back saying, “Things are great, Mom. I got so much accomplished today and I think you will be proud of the changes I’m making over here.”(She will be proud).

97) You shut down your computer.

98) You see that you have enough wine leftover from last night to have one more glass.

99) You toast yourself and revel in the excitement of something new tomorrow.

100) You go to bed thinking, “I’ve got this.”

Nicole Larson

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