Still in School? Here’s How I Keep Sight of My Passion


AlexisOn our rise to the “top,” living in our late teens and early twenties, I know I can speak for myself and others when I say that I want it now, I want success now. Unfortunately for me, it’s hard to see if I am making progress at a slow rate or if life really is this slow. Sure sure, adults nag about how fast time flies once you pass that 25 mark. What they fail to remember in those words of endearment is how slow it felt as this age.

I know I am probably the minority when I say this, and I am going to say it boldly, but I truly believe the best years of your life are… plot twist… not college. My career is where I want to be! For young filmmakers, this stage in our journey may feel like a lifetime. For the passionate ones who have learned the majority of their skills on a self-taught basis, film classes that teach you the basics of Premiere Pro may drag. In those moments of working a desk job, or even being your neighborhood barista, wishing you were on set somewhere in a foreign or not so foreign land (L.A.) becomes an oh so familiar day dream. I am here to say, as your virtual life coach (not really but you get my point,) hold on tight to those day dreams. Ensure that the thoughts you have as your drifting off in your math class one day become a reality. Keeping sight of your passion, aspiration, and ambitions is a tough thing to do when the first thing on your priority list is school work.

Here is how I have dealt with finding motivation to do things that seem to have no relation to my life goals. I find a way to intertwine everything. So for example, say I have 106 math problems to do in one weekend, because let’s not forgot, I’m still in my second year of college and math is still a thing (don’t worry, well make it out together.) Okay anyway, let’s say I have an obscene amount of math homework to do that weekend, but what I REALLY want to be doing is working on my latest short film that I JUST finished the script for. Priorities people, life is all priorities. How can I relate my math homework, to one day being able to work on film as my top priority?

For me, it goes like this: If I finish all of my math homework I will get a 100%, If I get 100% on my homework I will get a good grade in the class, If I get a good grade in the class my GPA will go up, If my GPA goes up I will be a better candidate to transfer to a university with a good film program, If I get into a good film program I can study film as my top priority.

And that my friends, is my line of cognition for all things “not film.” Everything in my life can some, way, shape, or form be related back to film because I am just that passionate about it. This is to encourage you and to help you get through the monotony of life while still keeping that fire in your heart burning bright! Find ways you can relate every boring moment back to your passion. We are young, and for most reading this, we are women. Life isn’t going to help us along the way; it’s going to knock us down, mentally and sometimes emotionally. Passion isn’t an emotion; passion should be your job. Acknowledge it like it’s the alarm clock that wakes you up every morning.