Information is Power: Resources for Actors


Victoria MarieWhen we have the information we are seeking or need, we can accomplish great things. Think about it. How many times have you found yourself saying, “oh if I had only known”? You realize at that moment that you would have made a better, more informed decision had you “known.” Had you had more information. Hence why information is power.

As a newbie to the industry I am constantly on the internet doing research as I recognize that I have a lot to learn. In my quest to gain knowledge and an education about this industry I have come across a great many websites just stock full of everything I was looking for and then some. As a way of sharing the wealth and providing you with easy access to some of the best actor sites out there, I present to you my personal list below. Enjoy. 🙂

SAG LifeRaft on YouTube:

This is probably one of my all time favorites. I have learned so much from watching their videos. There are hundreds of hours of videos on the entertainment industry geared specifically for the actor. Each addresses a specific topic and typically there will be 4-6 or 7 industry professionals on the panel and the moderator who asks the questions previously prepared as well as direct from the audience. In fact, it was through watching one of their videos that I discovered our esteemed creator and founder of Ms. In The Biz, Helenna Santos, and how I ultimately became a monthly contributor.


Ms. In The Biz:

Is it redundant to provide this link? But I must 🙂 You cannot get any better than this site when it comes to being a woman in any area of the entertainment industry. At your finger tips are hundreds of articles on all things relating to the industry. Updated weekly with fresh, new articles and always relevant.

Other YouTube greats:

In no particular order, below is a list of sites I have used or plan to use in the near future.


Actor Website Design:

Demo Reels:




Career Coaches:

Everyone has their personal favorites. This list is a good place to start as you navigate the business. And never forget it is a business and you are the product.

Til next time…Victoria xox