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Getting Red Carpet Ready: A Special Report

Photo credit: Hollywood Red Carpet School

Photo credit: Hollywood Red Carpet School

Part of the job of working as an entertainment professional in Hollywood is being able to walk the Red Carpet.  I don’t know about you, but I have been avoiding this aspect of my career, mainly out of fear.

Okay, terror.

“Red Carpet” sounds so rarefied and mysterious – only for A-List movie stars.  And it seems like most of the entertainers that we see flashing across- our television screens, and the pages of glossy magazines, were born with two feet firmly planted on that carpet, bedecked with jewelry, teeth shined to blinding brilliance.

But, as the demand for new faces and content continues to rise, familiarity with this aspect of the publicity machine is becoming of increasing importance to independent and newer entertainment professionals.

Over the summer, I decided to take a brand new workshop in Hollywood that teaches you how to be “Red Carpet Ready.”  If that wasn’t exciting enough, the instructors are top-level, red carpet photographers who boast a combined 50 years of experience shooting A-List movie stars, and more.  After a full hour of  ‘Red Carpet 101,’ you would then get a chance to shoot on the carpet, and take away digital images for your portfolio.  Needless to say, I was stoked!

They asked students to come to class in full make-up, with their wardrobe, and ready to take notes.  Note-taking, I was ready for.  But I’m happiest in jeans, a t-shirt and no make-up.  Figuring out how to get glammed up was not an exciting prospect – at all.

So I started with wardrobe instead.

I watched some tips that the instructors shared with ABC7 News about what NOT to wear.  After watching the video, I did the smart thing – and freaked out.  Why?  Because the colors they said not to wear were the only “dressy” clothes I had in my closet!

So I decided the next step was to review my favorite Red Carpet pointers from Ms. in the Biz, including how to get your look together on a budget.

Then I realized I did not have a “budget.”

Pure panic setting in, I remembered that Red Carpet does not equal expensive ( see #5 on that groovy Ms. in The Biz article! ).  Then I confidently headed to one of my favorite discount stores and found my dress for $30, then shoes and clutch for even less.

Finally, I headed online for make-up tips, and video tutorials – and noticed my entire make-up kit needs an overhaul.  Sigh.  Since that wasn’t going to happen before the workshop, I made the best of what was there: black eye-liner for “smoky eyes,” some HD foundation, red lipstick, and a prayer.

Then it was time for class.

The instructors, and guest speakers ( including some veteran Red Carpet royalty ), set to work sharing a brilliant, energetic presentation with insider tips that I could have never figured out on my own – ever.  They went from the basics of how to get invited to the carpet, pointers for carpet fashion, best poses on the carpet and then how to make sure YOU get more press than the next guy ( or girl )!  They even debunked my myth that the Red Carpet is only for A-List stars.  Photographers will absolutely shoot lesser known talent – and they gave specific examples of what grabs their attention, and gets them clicking.

Feeling way more confident, it was time for the photo shoot.  Suddenly, being glammed up wasn’t a problem.  In fact, it was fun.

Here was the result of my shoot.  And to think that this marks the beginning of many more red carpets – I could not be more thrilled!

USA - Hollywood Red Carpet School - Los Angeles

If you’ve been avoiding the bright lights of the Red Carpet, or want some pointers from the best, this is one way to take advantage of one of the most powerful publicity tools available to indie right now.  You can visit their website for more information, and their full upcoming schedule.

LEAVE A COMMENT.  What is your best advice for being “Red Carpet Ready”?  What scares you most about the Red Carpet?  Share in the discussion below.  And remember to please share this article with friends, and subscribe to awesome updates from Ms. In The Biz.  You’ll get a groovy summary of recent articles from all the authors here straight to your inbox.

From article originally published October 12th, 2014 at The Younge Hollywood Blast Blog, Messages From The Editor

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