The Up-Side to Crowdfunding


 Leah CevoliLately, I’ve been noticing a lot of articles about how impossibly hard, time-consuming, and downright horrible crowdfunding is. It’s true, it can be all of these things. But, it’s also really awesome, refreshing, invigorating, and downright magical.

So here’s a short list about the UP-SIDE to crowdfunding:

1) You will reconnect with people you haven’t spoken to in years!! Not only is this awesome, because hopefully they kicked in some $$, but it’s also a meter of just how far you’ve come in this crazy business of ours. You will get emails of encouragement and support from people you didn’t even know were rooting for you. Guess what, they are!

2) You will build a buzz around your project before it even begins! Publicity and Promotion are invaluable for any indie project, but your project will have a buzz, a social media increase, and publicity articles in the can before pre-production even begins in most cases! And these folks are now on your team, most likely for the duration of your career and theirs.

3) You will have compiled a team of people who are rock stars at what they do, and now have the confidence that these folks are in it to win it with you.

4) You will break thru any barriers of lack and limitation and poverty mindset you may have had, that has been passed down generationally. As dollars come in, and as dollars add up, all of the sudden, money becomes exciting rather than terrifying; and you will experience a shift in perspective around your ability to produce and what is possible in your life. (Hint: The answer is ANYTHING).

5) You will work harder than you’ve ever worked on anything in your entire career. Why is that a good thing? Because hard work is good for your soul. When you climb that mountain and succeed you will feel unstoppable. It’s a sense of accomplishment like no other. You will have the satisfaction of knowing that YOU made it happen, and now YOU have the funding for that dream project that would be sitting on a shelf still if not for your hard work and perseverance to get it funded.

And lastly…

6) You will believe in miracles. Hands down, every campaign I’ve worked on (20+) has a magical, oh my goodness, I can’t believe that just happened moment. Whether it’s because an A-lister retweeted you, a top tier news publication wrote about you, an investor contacted you or some random stranger donated a big chunk of money to your project… you will experience a roller-coaster of emotions and come out a stronger, happier person, who just maybe, has recaptured some of that childhood belief that anything is possible, cause with crowdfunding it IS.

Have you had a successful campaign? Or maybe you’ve donated to a successful campaign? I want to hear the GOOD stories in the comments below.