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Top-Secret Kickstarter Advice for Free


Jaz Moore(AKA My Good Deed for the Day)

People of the world, I am going to share with you the most valuable tips, tricks, and advice that I have learned from working on several successful Kickstarter Campaigns over the last 3 years. If you find my murdered corpse after this is posted, my Social Media Expert friends probably did it for revealing such secrets. Tell Detective Olivia Benson to avenge me.

Here it goes:

1) Be a Stalker (kinda)

Look up projects similar to yours on Kickstarter using keywords in the search tool. Go through the entire list of backers for each project and find as many of their social media accounts as you can (twitter, facebook, etc.) Establish a relationship with them and hopefully get these folks interested in your project. Begin this at least 1-2 months before your campaign’s launch.

2) Don’t Be THAT Person

Reaching out to people on Twitter is an excellent way to generate buzz and support. But for the love of all that is holy, don’t just copy and paste the same tweet to everyone. Not only is this unprofessional but it’s insincere. Anytime somebody tweets me about their project I immediately go to their twitter page to see how many other people got the same exact message. If you can’t put any effort into being original and personable then why should I put in any effort to support you?

3) Pictures, Pictures, Pictures!

You know those Kickstarter projects you researched that were similar to yours? Well they’re here to help again! Find an image from each project and do a reverse look up on Google Images. This will bring you to every article or blog post that used that specific image. Create a list of these websites/blogs and see if they would be interested in writing about your project!

4) Facebook is your saving Grace{book!}

Unless your project already has a built-in fan base, most of your money is going to come from people that you know. Write-up a plea explaining your project, what it means to you, how people can help, a link to the KS page, and what Kickstarter is. Individually private message this to all of your FB friends. Don’t forget to add their name to the greeting and add a personal message at the end. Go through your friends list alphabetically and try to message 20-100 people/day. Any more and Facebook will think you’re spamming. It’s mind-numbing work but it WILL pay off.

5) Remember to be Gracious

Thank everyone. Never stop. If someone shares the link to your campaign, thank them! If someone donates $2, thank them. Any bit of effort put into your project by someone else is incredible. These people don’t have stakes or personal ties to your campaign and they don’t owe you anything. Always remember that.

6) It’s All Different

Every campaign is different so if you don’t seem to be following the same patterns as previously successful Kickstarters, don’t panic. For example, my campaign for Ranger Danger didn’t pick up any speed until the last 10 days where we made about 80% of our goal. In the first few weeks, I had people telling me to give up and re-launch because RD wasn’t following typical projections. I just hunkered down and worked harder.

These tips come with great power and responsibility so use them wisely. Best of luck!

Jaz Moore

About Jaz Moore

Jaz Moore is a writer/director living in Los Angeles with her best friend Cheeseburger the tortoise. She loves horror films, fears the sun, and wears her “Saved by the Bell” nightgown more than is socially acceptable. Follow her on twitter @JazMoore