THRIVING IN HOLLYWOOD! Book Launch at Vaucluse Lounge in Hollywood


11001807_10155282505955157_7142348563718260344_n-1Monday night, February 9th, saw a packed house at Vaucluse Lounge on Sunset, for the official book launch of Thriving in Hollywood!: Tenacious Tales and Tactics from Ms. In The Biz. Sponsored by FilmBreak and Dog & Pony, the gathering was a perfect mingling of industry professionals and curious newbies in the Hollywood circuit coming together to celebrate the release of the highly lauded book.

Part exposé, part industry-field guide, and purely inspirational, it is the brainchild and first publication from the collaborative efforts of Helenna Santos (Founder and CEO of Ms. In The Biz) and Alexandra Boylan (Ms. In The Biz, Outreach Coordinator). The book is a compilation of twenty-five real life Hollywood stories, gathered from twenty-one Ms. In The Biz contributing women writers. Whether you are looking for solid advice on the next step of your career, inspiration to get out of a creative rut, or just someone to relate to as you take on the “tricky beast” that is Hollywood, this book is designed to help you achieve that, and more.

“If you choose one industry book to keep with you at all times, make it, “Thriving in Hollywood!” It is a true bible. It is inspirational and educational in a unique easy-to-reference way.” – J. Simpson

It could easily be said that Helenna Santos has filled the role of a coach and cheerleader for those trying to carve out a niche in Hollywood as actors, directors, producers, screenwriters and creatives. And the evening of the launch, she was definitely dressed and ready for the part. Momentum and confidence is what she exudes and extols, inspiring others to drop self-defeatism and get back on the boards.

Helenna Santos and Alexandra Boylan
Helenna Santos and Alexandra Boylan

In that vein, she is assembling a group called #MsStreetTeam that will help get the self-published book in stores across America (Hey, there are people packing their suitcases for LA every day), and is galvanizing more people to write a review of the book on Amazon. And if you subscribe to the Ms. In The Biz newsletter, you get to read the first chapter for free!


“Such an awesome gift to get and give for those who aspire to be successful in Hollywood and not give up.” – MarvelStreet

I finally was able to grab a moment with Helenna at the launch and ask her what advice she has for people that are self-publishing for the first time.

“Research, research, research! Anyone can upload a PDF and make a book with Amazon Create Space, but not everyone can create a polished product. Take the time. Do your research. What you publish should be just as good, if not better, than what a traditional publisher would put into the world.”

Before she was pulled back into the throes of promoting the piece, I inquired as to what is next for Ms. In The Biz subscribers.

“So many things! In March, we are starting a monthly meet-up called #MsMovieMondays where we get a whole bunch of people together to support a female helmed movie. It’s another way for people to network/chill with other creatives. And there are many more awesome things coming this year!”

Packed house at Vaucluse Lounge!
Packed house at Vaucluse Lounge
Books were flying off the table!
Books were flying off the table!
Helenna Santos signs books.
Helenna Santos signs books.
Catherine Kresge
Catherine Kresge and a friend excited about her raffle win!
Contributing writers Paula Rhodes and Leah Cevoli
Contributing writers Paula Rhodes and Leah Cevoli sign books

Want to get more involved? Don’t hesitate and go to Amazon and buy Thriving in Hollywood!: Tenacious Tales and Tactics from Ms. In The Biz. Write a review! And contact Helenna at to learn more and see how you can become part of the #MsStreetTeam.

Subscribe to Ms. In The Biz, and read your first chapter for free. Also get updates on all the fantastic events coming up with the group. Don’t go at Hollywood alone, join this supportive society of women (and men!) today.

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