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Are You Secretly Sabotaging Your Acting Career Out of Fear?


Georgina WareRecently I signed up for a business building intensive called the 100 days to 100K. During this three month intensive we have been given daily tasks, daily motivational phone calls and daily accountability check-ins, which I refer to as my daily-kick-in-the-ass. This course has pushed me beyond my comfort zone and has made me question everything that excites me about pursuing my heart’s desires, in both good and bad ways. It’s bringing up insecurities, it’s amplifying my strengths and more importantly, it’s forcing me to get more laser focused and become accountable for my successes and my failures.

This course is made up of individuals from all different backgrounds. Some whom are actors, writers, directors, million dollar business owners, doctors, network marketing professionals and some who have no physical product or service to offer (yet), but they are taking this course because they know they have something amazing to share with the world, they just don’t have the business sense to understand how to make it marketable.

During one assignment, everyone was instructed to share the one hurdle they struggle with in their business. The universal answer that brought everyone to the same level no matter what industry he or she was pursing, was simple.

It was fear.

Fear of not being good enough

Fear of putting yourself out there and being kicked by critics

Fear of wondering if you’re ready to play with the pros

Fear of not knowing everything

Fear of being judged

Fear has caused most of us to sabotage our own journey. Some of us don’t even realize we are doing it. We ‘protect’ ourselves by allowing us to believe these self-limiting beliefs about why we were not progressing.

It’s crazy right!

At that moment, I realized that hardest part of building a business isn’t coming up with the idea or even starting it. The hardest part, aside from daily commitment, is fast action and fearlessness.

I started to wonder how many of you are unconsciously sabotaging your own acting career, out of fear?

Being fearless doesn’t mean you’re not scared, but instead of allowing fear to be your inhibitor, you’re allowing it to be your motivator. It becomes the fuel that gets you off your ass, it makes you turn your excuses into actionable solutions and you take a leap, even if you don’t feel ready. You don’t have to know everything; you don’t even have to have everything in order or every team member in place. You just have to take action as if though you’re not scared. You just have to trust that you are enough, that you have amazing talents to offer and that you are unique enough to stand out from the crowd.

If you’re scared, I can guarantee that in 99% of the cases, you’re the only one who will ever know it. Don’t allow fear to be your limitation. To be the reason you don’t put yourself out there, and the reason you make excuses to not network, to not take improv classes, to not self-submit or to create your own work.

Make a conscious choice that from this day onward, you will stop letting excuses and fear be the reason your acting journey hasn’t progressed from anything more than a hobby.

Know that you have every right to be here and you each have AMAZING CREATIVE GIFTS to share with the world. Embrace that, own it and make the conscious choice to commit to working your acting muscle and business muscle daily.

Here are 8 tips that can help get your mindset straight and kick that fear to the curb.

  1. Stop comparing yourself with anyone. Doing this will only mess with your psyche and will set you up for failure.
  2. Realize that you’re not in competition with anyone but yourself.
  3. Understand that leadership begins with you. You don’t have to wait for that star agent or manager to get out there and build your brand.
  4. Be smart with your objectives and set realistic goals. Stop setting goals that are way out of your reach at your current level. If you only work on your acting career a few times a week, you don’t have a reel, your headshots are not reflective of who you are and you have no recognizable credits on your resume, stop expecting for a top tier agency to sign you. Align your expectations and efforts so that they will uniquely fuel your success, not inhibit it.
  5. Surround yourself with the people who are going to elevate you, encourage you and push you to be better.
  6. Stop the negative chatter. The 8” between your ears can either make or break you. There is not enough positive mantras, Rockstar acting coaches or amazing opportunities that can make you successful without your help. If you don’t believe it, no one else will either.
  7. Stop asking friends, relatives, strangers or non-professionals for advice about your career. Would a pilot ask a passanger how to fly a plane? Of course not! Spouses, family and friends are a wonderful source of support, but are the wrong choice for career information.
  8. Know that creating something meaningful and sustainable takes time experimentation and bravery – but you will get there.

You can do this if you stay committed and approach each phase of your acting career with an open heart and curious mind.

Know that there are no cookie cutter blueprints to follow, but there are proven principles and specific mindsets that can help you create results.

I want to leave you with video from Ira Glass on Storytelling. He shares a few tips that nobody tells beginners. I hope his words will inspire you to live your life by design, rather than by default, and know that you have more control over a successful career as an actor than most of you give yourself credit for.

Be bold and kick-ass. I’m rooting for you.



About Georgina Ware

Georgina Ware is a writer, designer, actor and mom to three living in L.A. As a showbiz mom, she also loves helping other parents learn the business of acting without losing their mind. Along with her husband she co-owns Kevin Michael Photography; a L.A based photography studio. When she’s not busy assisting with large photo shoots, managing acting careers or doing freelance design jobs, you will find Georgina helping others live a healthier and happy lifestyle through her business as an Independent Representative for It Works! Global.